19 September 2014

AFM intercepts 102 migrants; craft being monitored out at sea

 - Tuesday, 09 July 2013, 11:52
Update 2

A group of 102 migrants were brought ashore this morning at 6.15 a.m. after they were in intercepted by the Armed Forces of Malta.

Among the migrants were two infants, 41 women and  59 men.

The total of migrants that have entered our shores in a matter of a week has reached 400.

UNHCR spokesman Adrian Edwards last week said that Mediterranean crossings to Italy and Malta exceeded 8,000 in the first six months of this year.

He said migrants mostly left from North Africa, principally Libya (around 6,700 people). The remaining 1,700 crossed from Greece and Turkey, landing in southern Italy’s Apulia and Calabria regions.

Last week, following the arrival of a group of migrants, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat warned the EU that if it did not lend a hand in grappling with the immigration crisis, he would threaten to wield the country's veto powers and begin rejecting migrants.

Meanwhile, the AFM has confirmed with this portal that they are currently monitoring a boat suspected to be carrying migrants, however denied reports that another group of migrants entered Marsascala.

The AFM did not give further details on the operation.


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Joseph Gaffarena says:
09 July 2013 17:10

We censored norman lowell, but how wrong we were.
It seemed that this late arrival came in a very big boat,and there were no push back from our side.
In the coming weeks we are going to be invaded by these illegals,and I, am waiting for any positive result from our govt.
I, wonder why simon busutill is against any pushback?.

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Emmy Scerri says:
09 July 2013 17:07

What a disaster has EU membership has wrought for Malta!

Those people are Somalis, one can tell from their physiognomy.   We are very familiar with them in North America, there are thousands of them here and there is nothing wrong with these people to justify their claims for refugee status.  Here they mostly suck-off the welfare system on a permanent basis; their young men join criminal gangs and/or join Jihad and demand Sharia compliance even from non-Muslims.   Wait a little while more until they reach a certain percentage in your island, then you will start to feel them  “enriching” your society and working to pay for your pensions too.

All true and patriotic Maltese should be behind the PM and a march of solidarity with the decision to these invasions once and for all. is in order.  It is now or never.

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J. Busuttil says:
09 July 2013 16:56

Eddy I presume that you have see the photos being circulated of these refugees at the Depot and being treated like animals  scattered all over the place ( on the floor)  if this is not racism than what do you call it. What a shame to have a government like PL. If PN is DynistyPl than PL is  RacistsPL and you are part of them. 

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Giovann DeMartino says:
09 July 2013 16:27

Imissni ma nehhejtx balla minn fuq l-istonku jien Ed.   Int nehhejtha wara d-9 ta' Marzu?

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John Vella says:
09 July 2013 12:30

Yesterday I wrote in a sister paper and was censored. It seem some papers only allow those foreigners who are making a fortune pretending to advise us how good it is to mix culture. The truth is those Maltese with fat foreign bank accounts preach to us to cool down be they the church or EU members. However we the people who what one see is what one get we are worried. This is not the road for a small island to tackle. Someone said the Fourth Reich had it all well and we got sucked we serve to hold the illegals that want to go to Germany.

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Eddy Priviteera says:
09 July 2013 10:34

Louise: What are you trying to say ??? That Dr. Muscat is to blame for the arrival of these immigrants ? Don't you know that the PN is attacking the prime minister because he is not ready to allow the situation to remain as it has remained under GonziPN ??? Of course, this needs more time.But if the EU won't budge and accept a mandatory burden-sharing, then other measures will be taken, including a humane push-back policy !

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Gorg Sciberras says:
09 July 2013 12:10

Humane and push-back are oxymorons. If you want to be humane you should allow migrants to apply for asylum or protection as is their right under international law.

If Muscat is not happy with migrants in Malta, then he should use his political acumen with his peers across Europe and beyond.

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Stefan Vella says:
09 July 2013 13:06

Humane push-back policy?

Is this Labour's official spin on the subject?

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JJ Micallef says:
09 July 2013 16:23

Eddypedia where did you get "humane push-back" from? Don't tell me its wikipedia.

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Eddy Priviteera says:
09 July 2013 10:29

Did Simon Busuttil and his DynastyPN leadership go to welcome them home ?

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Kenneth Cassar says:
09 July 2013 11:56

Humane push-back policy.  Perfect example of an oxymoron.

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Louise Vella says:
09 July 2013 09:16

Are the Jesuit Refugee Service, the Church's Emigrants Commission and the other usual NGOs happy to see these numbers coming?

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Kenneth Cassar says:
09 July 2013 10:07

Nobody is happy when people are constrained to risk their lives to flee their country.

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Louise Vella says:
09 July 2013 09:01

The government has changed but nothing has changed. Total number of illegal immigrants under Labour Government so far: 82 (landed on March 29) + 84 (19 April) + 83 (11 May) + 18 (15 June) + 23 (16 June) + 291 (4 July) + 102 (today) = 683.

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