20 September 2014

Migrants die in Italy boat shipwreck off Catania

 - Saturday, 10 August 2013, 10:45

The bodies of six migrants apparently killed in a shipwreck have been recovered on a beach in southern Italy, the BBC reports.

Officials in the Sicilian port of Catania say dozens of other migrants have been rescued.

Italian media say the boat ran aground about 15m from shore and the migrants were thrown into the sea. Some drowned because they could not swim.

The UN says some 7,800 illegal migrants and asylum seekers landed in Italy in the first half of this year.

Most come from sub-Saharan African countries, particularly Somalia and Eritrea.

The UN said almost 500 people were reported dead or missing at sea during 2012 in attempts to reach Europe.

In Saturday's incident, the boat was carrying about 120 migrants.

Some reports said women and children were among those on board.

Officials have not speculated on the nationalities of the migrants.


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Eric Montfort says:
11 August 2013 00:41

could not have said it better....why not establish safe havens in Africa funded by the EU if need be and anyone who crosses illegally risking life and limb will be sent back to these safe havens. Refugees would only be processed from there and nowhere else. Besides, NATO and UN can easily do what Frontex failed to do given such havens and changes in law. Illegal dangerous crossings will trickle down to a minimum not least if the traffickers are caught and prosecuted in the nearest EU country, with uniform stiff sentences to discourage this scourge costing so much life and so much problems to native communities in the EU hosting such migrants as we have seen in Athens, Rosarno, Italy and even in Celia Maelstrom's country Sweden too.

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Emmy Scerri says:
10 August 2013 17:44

The report states that these were Syrian and therefore new and amateurs at the art of entering illegally into a country.   Given the state of affairs in Syria, these were probably genuine refugees and not the economic migrants (and by that I do not mean migrants looking for work, they have plenty of that in Libya, but rather welfare migrants seeking to get on the welfare rolls of any European country that will have them).

If that is the case, they did not have the advantage of the EU organized trafficking and were fending for themselves.  With the Western backed Jihadists and cannibal barbarians fighting to overthrow the Alawaite and Shia governemt to install Sunni Islam, I am surprised that we do not have more Syrian refugees, especially if they are from minority Christian towns, which are routinely killed by our Western backed 'freedom fighters'.

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John Azzopardi says:
10 August 2013 12:49

May these victims rest in peace. The dead of these victims is in the hands of the NGOs, UNCHR and the human trafficking smugglers who constantly encourage and traffic in human crossings and dealings. Does the EU, especailly the EU Commission does anything about the problem of HUMAN TRAFFICKING and does it ever conduct open investigations to control this problem. Why not start a public effort on this to deter this problem once and for and have high prison sentences and fines on these human traffickes. And the NGOs and UNCHR should encourage LEGAL migration and NOT illegal crossings and entry into law abiding nations.

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A Bezz says:
10 August 2013 14:51

Seeking asylum in NOT illegal!  Seeking asylum is a human right.  Actually, the death of these victims are on the conscience of each and every one who chooses to ignore the realities that these people are fleeing from!!  They flee from death ... but some are unlucky enough to die while seeking life ...

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Emmy Scerri says:
10 August 2013 19:07

If these were seeking asylum, the logical place would be in neighbouring countries, otherwise it does not make sense to escape for your life by actually endangering your life on the seas.  And in fact, normal refugees usually end up at the gates of neighbouring countries.  When Europe was a war, refugees did not take to the sea but went to neighbouring countries, which is the logical and normal route.

What these people are seeking is not asylum per se but to get on the welfare rolls of any Western nation.  I have seen these 'refugees' country shopping as to the best social welfare systems and flitting between the US and Canada and Canada to Norway for instance.  Malta is not good enough because I suspect the pay-outs are not as generous, but it is a start. 

Everyone likes an early retirement scheme - to bad it is being denied to those that worked hard and deserve it - the ones who fund the social services - the taxpaying and hard working men and women of Western nations which are now getting the short-shrift.

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A Bezz says:
10 August 2013 21:47

For people who do not want to inform themselves of the REAL FACTS, I can only quote the wise words of George Bernard Shaw:  "Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance"!

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Tony Camilleri says:
10 August 2013 22:45

Asylum can only be sought in the next country not after travelling through many countries or  across half the globe.

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GL Sammut says:
10 August 2013 16:51

If they legalize migration then the NGOs will not make any money.

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A Bezz says:
10 August 2013 12:14

So so sad!  Whenever this happens, I can't help but think ... 'What if it were my husband?  Or my son or daughter?  Or my brother or sister?'  So difficult to understand these realities ...

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Charles Fenech says:
10 August 2013 11:23

UNHCR is to blame for all this because of the wrong strategy it is adopting to help these people. Shame on them all, and the maltese NGO's who support this U.N. institution shares the blame as well. How irresponsible!

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