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Herrera makes good for the deficiencies of others - AD

Malta Independent Wednesday, 28 August 2013, 11:06 Last update: about 5 years ago

"At St Paul’s Bay Jose’ Herrera was the last line of defence for the local community making good for the deficiencies of others."

This was stated by Carmel Cacopardo, AD - the Green Party's Deputy Chairperson and spokesperson on Sustainable Development and Home Affairs.

Cacopardo stated that “ AD agrees with the decision of Parliamentary Secretary Jose’ Herrera when he drew the attention of the Director of Local Councils on the need to instruct the St Paul’s Bay Local Council that its decision to appoint one of its Councillors as Works Manager for the locality had to be revoked.

"The Parliamentary Secretary," said Cacopardo, “acted correctly, but he was the last line of defence for the locality of St Paul’s Bay as others failed in carrying out their duty.

"The Local Councilliors themselves failed to act as none of them was aware that a Councillor was not even entitled to submit a tender. The adjudication process failed because it was at this stage that the tender submitted should have been declared inadmissable. The Local Council Executive Secretary failed as he did not have adequate knowledge of the rules and consequently failed to guide the Councillors as to how they should act.

"Even the Director of Local Councils failed in carrying out his duties as he should have acted without having to first receive instructions from the Parliamentary Secretary.”

Arnold Cassola, AD Chairperson, said that fortunately the Local Councils which act in this way are very few. 

Based on this particular case, however,  Cassola added,  “AD arrives at a number of conclusions.

"There is a need for more and better training of Councillors and Executive Secretaries. It is also necessary that the process of adjudicating tenders is entrusted to competent persons. There is a need at a local level of more persons trained on adjudicating tenders in order that Local Councils can benefit from sound advice.”

Arnold Cassola concluded by stating that “the Director of Local Councils should be proactive and take the necessary action without there being the requirement for politicians to draw his attention that he should act.”

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