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Unemployment up by 9.5% in July - NSO, PN reacts

Malta Independent Wednesday, 28 August 2013, 17:34 Last update: about 5 years ago

In July, persons registering as unemployed stood at 7,298, up by 634 or 9.5%, over the corresponding month in 2012, and marginally up over June.

Data provided by the Employment and Training Corporation (ETC), indicate a year-on- year growth of 820 persons (13.7%) registering under Part 1 and a decrease of 186 persons (27.8%) registering under Part 2 of the unemployment register.

On a regional level, registered unemployment in Malta rose by 576 (9.6%) to 6,565 while that in Gozo and Comino increased by 58 (8.6%) to 733.  The number of registrants aged 45 and over went up by 227 or 8.1%, while those aged under 20 dropped by 48, or 10.7%, when compared to 2012 levels.

A year-on-year increase of 543 persons was recorded in registrants whose duration of unemployment exceeded one year. There was a marginal increase of 34 in unemployment among persons who had been registering for less than 21 weeks.  On the other hand, the number of persons with disability registering under Part 1 and Part 2 of the unemployment register dropped by 4.5% when compared to June 2012.

In line with past trends, the largest share of unemployed men were seeking occupations in services, sales and crafts, whereas women mostly sought clerical jobs.

The registered unemployment rate in March stood at 4.6% of the labour supply, and varied from 5.3% among men to 3.1% among women. The registered unemployment rate for persons aged under 25 stood at 5.5%, while that concerning persons aged 45 and over stood at 5.1%. The long-term unemployment rate stood at 1.7%.

PN Statement

The statistics published by the NSO raise doubts about the Labour government’s attitude towards work and the economy, the PN said in a statement today.

It said that over the past five months, the government appointed a number of Labour leaning people in ministries, authorities and board, and who do not necessarily have the required skills and competences.

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