19 September 2014

Where is the Tree Protection Committee - PN asks

 - Wednesday, 28 August 2013, 17:44

Following concerns expressed by a number of environmental NGOs regarding the protection of trees, due to the fragmentation of responsibilities between different departments among others, the Opposition expressed its concern.

Following the announcement of work in favour of tree protection, the Opposition believes the government is only reacting after damage to trees occurs.

The PN spokesperson for the environment, Charlo Bonnici, asked what happened to the tree protection committee and whether an action plan has been presented.

He also asked for the measures taken against excessive pruning that took place over the past days and the measures taken to prevent against similar incidents to that at the Hamrun Boys Lyceum.  

The Opposition insisted for clear replies to put people’s minds at rest that the government is committed to protect trees.

It believes in the need for more trees for the protection of health and environment. It reiterated the commitment for positive and coordinated action to increase the number of trees on the island. It appealed the government to implement a coordination plan before more damage takes place. 


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James Alexander Tyrrell says:
29 August 2013 13:57

Did the PN spokesperson for the environment, Charlo Bonnici actually think before making this statement or was it one of those fire from the hip things? Is he trying to say that the protection of trees was top of the PN's list of priorities when they were in Government? Is he trying to say that excessive pruning is something that was invented by Labour? Everything that is happening here is a continuation of the environmental destruction that was set in motion by GonziPN and which is having to be dealt with by the new Government. I would suggest that the PN sits back and allows the Government to deal with it happy in the knowledge that should they fail to do so they will be booted out come the next election. What the PN should not be doing is trying to rewrite history and curry favour with the environmentalists as they burned that boat a long time ago which is why they are now in opposition.

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Andrew Camilleri says:
29 August 2013 11:06

Honestly, whenever the PN says anything in favour of the environment, my stomach churns when I remember the atrocities against the environment under their watch. Trees were one of their latest victims, following years of destroying the countryside and our built up environment. Crocodile tears, dear PN, will get you nowhere.

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Brian Ellul says:
29 August 2013 08:34

Dear Leo Brincat, I really hope that the trees which we planted at the Marsascala plant are at least being watered after you took the decision to close it!

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