21 September 2014

Detention officer injured in unrest at Safi detention centre

 - Friday, 20 September 2013, 10:52

A detention services officer was slightly injured during unrest at the Safi Detention Centre, at around 3am.

A small group of irregular immigrants dislodged a number of stone slabs from a wall with the aim of escaping from their accommodation block.   

This activity was noted by an alert detention service officer who immediately raised the alarm and called for the assistance of his colleagues.  The group of immigrants responded by throwing back broken stones, hot water and other objects at their disposal.  

The situation was brought under control within a few minutes by the detention officers with the intervention of police officers from the Zurrieq police station and the Rapid Intervention Unit.

The incident is being investigated by the Police.  


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GL Sammut says:
20 September 2013 16:14

First of all stop referring to these people as irregular immigrants, they are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS (caps intended) because they arrived here uninvited and without any identification whatsoever. This is only the beginning and the attack was prematurely thought off as they even had hot water and other things ready to throw at the guards and police. Why would anybody cross the dangerous Mediterranean in a dinghy, saved by the AFM and then try to escape their accommodations and hurt the guards and police in the process? Send these trouble makers back as soon as possible before they manage to do something worse next time. You never bite the hand that feeds you and these illegal immigrants did just that. We need to stop being fools and stop being taken advantage off..  .

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Joseph Gaffarena says:
20 September 2013 15:43

They are much more better than they were in libja, and yet they still want more.Why they are not transfered to their own country,instead of hurting our own officers.

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Pat Muscat says:
20 September 2013 15:38

We should send them to a 5 star hotel otherwise the Human Rights Court will fine us 60,000 for each and every illegal immigrant!

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GL Sammut says:
20 September 2013 18:18

Yes give them back their dinghy and send them on their way with the condition they will never return back to Malta. Bunch of ingrates.

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Shaun Anthony Camilleri says:
20 September 2013 11:46

They threw hot water and stones which means they actually wanted to hurt our people. Therefore I hope they do not get a suspended sentence and get deported from here. We do not need 'people' like this amongst us, SEND them BACK.

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C.J. Fenech says:
20 September 2013 11:14

Bend backwards even more you Gahan malti to accommodate these illegal immigrants in your country.

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GL Sammut says:
20 September 2013 15:57

Ghax dawk imsieken hux? Fejn kienu il-JST meta saret din il-bicca xoghol fit-tlieta ta fil-ghodu? Dan ghadu bidu.

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