22 September 2014

PN to vote in favour of civil unions

 - Monday, 21 October 2013, 18:32

The Nationalist Party is in favour of civil unions, saying that relationships between people of the same sex should be legalised and recognised as the PN said it its electoral programme.

The PN will therefore be voting in favour of civil unions when the matter is debated in Parliament, the PN said in a statement following a meeting of the parliamentary group.

The PN said it will however present amendments that will differentiate between civil marriage and civil unions because of the differences between the two.

It said it will seek consensus on the matter in the House.


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C Fenech says:
22 October 2013 08:56

Legalizing what is intrinsically wrong, by whatever name you choose to call it, is at best very bad indeed, and at worst diabolical.

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joseph debono says:
21 October 2013 22:24

There are several amendments that could make sense but if these amendments do not include one for a clear distinction between civil union and marriage in the adoption of children, the PN would be on a very slippery road. I can only imagine the adoption of children by same sex couples where a child has been born in a previous marriage of one of the partners and this with the express consent of the former partner.

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Giovann DeMartino says:
21 October 2013 19:56

ISSA MESSEJNA L-QIEGH!   gghhaarruukkaazzaaa.

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