19 September 2014

President andjudiciary get theirannual raises

 - Sunday, 26 January 2014, 10:30

The President of the Republic and members of the judiciary this week had their annual salaries approved by way of a government legal notice. 

With an annual salary of €57,693, the President will enjoy the highest salary this year, followed by the Chief Justice at €47,597 and the Attorney General at €44,566.  The latter is the only position that will not see an annual increment until at least 2017.

                                              2014           2015           2016
President of the Republic          €57,693      €59,206      €60,720
Chief Justice                            €47,597      €48,845      50,094
Attorney General                     €44,566      €44,566      €44,566
Judges                                    €41,209      €42,290      €43,371
Magistrates                             €35,028      €35,947      €36,866


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Carmel Camilleri says:
27 January 2014 15:42

It would have been more appropriate for the Malta Independent  to have also informed its readers that the increases also cover all Govt employee, (about 30,000) in line with the collective agreement reached by the previous Government.

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Carmel Camilleri says:
27 January 2014 15:32

I am sure that many professionals earn these sums without paying tax on them.

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waschnig kurt says:
26 January 2014 16:37

Are these high salaries? These are average salaries, not more.

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Tony Camilleri says:
26 January 2014 15:51

Envy will get you nowhere Vella.

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John Vella says:
26 January 2014 15:20

Did you say the president will enjoy the highest salary this year?
Question if the president will enjoy 59,206 euro (the highest payed in the land) what will Ms Mizzi be in line with 150,000 euro, I repeat Ms Mizzi salary alone is 150,000 euro?

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