20 September 2014

President signs ‘gay marriage’ Bill

 - Thursday, 17 April 2014, 16:39

by Neil Camilleri

President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca signed the Civil Unions Bill yesterday, this paper has learnt. Ms Coleiro Preca was asked to sign the law after it was approved by Parliament on Monday evening.

All Opposition MPs abstained, with PN Leader Simon Busuttil explaining that the PN was in favour of Civil Unions but could not endorse gay adoptions, which are included in the same Bill. The PN has been stating for the past months that the country is not prepared for gay adoptions and not much is known on the subject. All government MPs voted in favour. Thousands of members of the gay community celebrated the historic step in St George’s square after the vote.

The next step is for the Bill to come into effect my means of Legal Notices. Gay and heterosexual couples will then be able to apply for a Civil Union, thus officially registering their relationship, which will now be recognised by the state. 


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Wilfred Camilleri says:
18 April 2014 18:36

Shame! And now she will attend the canonization of the popes in Rome! Hypocrisy is the word that comes to mind!

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GL Sammut says:
18 April 2014 17:11

The president does whatever the PM tells her or him what to do.Remember the controversial  parliament speech given by the last President? Besides the bill passed unanimously by the PL Scout Group.

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joseph debono says:
18 April 2014 08:16

Well what shall we say to the symbolic.  Jesus gave us his life and presence in the Eucharistic covenant. On the same day our President MLCP gave her signature on the gay bondage. With that she will always be held present and high among the gay community. Thank you indeed MLCP.

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GL Sammut says:
18 April 2014 17:20

John Vella very well said. We have seen the good and the bad in our lifetime and yes we have seen it all but I never thought we will come to see the Maltese Government stooping so low and selling our Integrity and our nation's good name for a measly 650,000 thousand euros for a Maltese Passport and selling 35% equity in Enemalta to a Chinese firm. I am sure more is yet to come.

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GL Sammut says:
18 April 2014 17:22

Please leave Jesus out of this. It was all done in the name of politics and not much more.

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John Vella says:
18 April 2014 08:12

Being Good Friday one do well to think from dust we came and to dust we must return. At 76 of age, I am one of the lucky because I have seen a lot that came and are gone while my turn is still not yet.
When I hear Dr. Joseph Muscat KUOM, B. Com, B.A. (Hons.), M.A. (European Studies), Ph.D. (Bristol), M.P. (I hope I did not miss anything else) saying how progressive he made Malta is it for the better or we turn the world against us. We are sticking out like a sore thumb. Joey. Thank you for turning Malta into a Godless society.

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GAB GAB says:
17 April 2014 21:56

Min xarbu kielu l-bakkaljaw!

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G Tonna says:
17 April 2014 19:09

« The problem in the homosexual marriage and adoption law is the harm it would cause to our entire society for the sole benefit of a tiny minority, once they have irreversibly blurred three things:

- the genealogical substituents of parenthood in paternity and maternity,
- the status of the child, shifts to being subject to that of an object to which anyone is entitled,
- identities where naturally given sexual differentiation would be forced to give way to the orientation expressed by each in the name of countering inequality, twisted into the eradication of differences. »
Gilles Berheim

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Mark Borg says:
17 April 2014 18:44

After signing on the dotted line our president finds no qualms visiting his holiness Pope Francis who was deeply saddened by the news of this law.

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J. Busuttil says:
17 April 2014 18:32

Issa tmur titqaddes quddiem il-papa.

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C Fenech says:
18 April 2014 07:27

Hekk hu. Imma b'Alla ma' jidhak hadd, u xi darba kulhadd ikollu jhallas t' ghemilu.

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David Azzopardi says:
17 April 2014 18:25

Thousands of members of the gay community celebrated the historic step in St George’s square after the vote......including ic-corma laburista, so they could make the show complete!

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Michael Seychell says:
17 April 2014 18:15

Mrs. Coleiro Preca as a Member of Parliament voted against Divorce, yet she did not find any difficulty in concurring to a much more liberal issue than Divorce.

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