30 September 2014

To reduce unemployment weneed more employers -David Casa MEP

 - Thursday, 17 July 2014, 15:06

“The resolution on youth employment adopted this morning is one of the first substantive results of the European Parliament’s work. The expediency with which the debate was placed on the agenda is testament to the Parliament’s determination to address this state of affairs as a priority”, stated the EPP Coordinator David Casa. 

Mr Casa headed negotiations between other groups and was responsible for the compromise text adopted this morning in Strasbourg. 

“The Resolution calls for measures that increase the EU’s competitiveness, including the reduction of unnecessary bureaucracy and red tape that are barriers for growth. It also calls for further initiatives that will enable SMEs to thrive. We should create an environment that creates employment opportunities but as importantly an entrepreneurial culture and regulatory framework that encourages young people to start businesses and work for themselves”, explained the PN’s Head of Delegation. 

The Resolution calls for more direct support in the short term and questions the adequacy of funds allocated to the Youth Employment Initiative. It calls on the European Commission and Member States to prioritize the implementation of the Youth Guarantee. 


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Charlie Brown says:
17 July 2014 15:35

What a genius! How does he come up with such thoughts. The Western World is  really not worthy of such genius from this human being. Waw! Waw! aaaaaaaagh I LOVE YOU.

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GL Sammut says:
17 July 2014 16:04

I am sure Mr Casa could come up with a better analysis, or maybe not. And we are shelling all that money to send him to Brussels. Genius!

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