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Soup kitchen to be reintroduced in Malta; Birgu’s clock tower to be rebuilt in main square

Therese Bonnici Friday, 16 January 2015, 13:52 Last update: about 5 years ago

A soup kitchen is set to be reintroduced in Malta - providing one hot meal a day for those families living in poverty.  Around the world, soup kitchens are still existent, assisting those most vulnerable. Social workers will be present, to help such families where necessary, and the project is to be carried out by The Alfred Mizzi Foundation, in collaboration with a local NGO.

This is only one of the six projects which is being carried out by the foundation, which forms part of the Alfred Mizzi and Sons Ltd, celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Some of the projects have already started.  The foundation, in close partnership with other stakeholders, carries out projects which promote education, heritage and social solidarity.

Birgu's clock tower

The second project consists of the rebuilding of the clock tower in Birgu's main square. The original clock tower was built way before the coming of the knights, and was partially destroyed in a brutal attack during World War II.  The project has been welcomed by the city's mayor John Boxall, and the ministry of infrastructure offered to provide the building supplies required. The tower is set to be rebuilt this year, which marks the 450th from the Great Siege in 1565.

Sahhtek Health Malta

The foundation is also funding an initiative at the medical school within the University of Malta, which will incorporate an in-depth research study on medical issues and chronic diseases common on the island - including diabetes and obesity. The study started off in October 2014 and will be concluded in about three years time. The results will be used to allow such medical issues to be addressed better.

Our Lady of Victories Church, Valletta

A project which started off five years ago, includes the restorations of five alters within the church of Our Lady of Victories in Valletta. In addition, a St John's miniature is set to be restored. Alfred Mizzi and Sons Ltd operated from Valletta for the first 75 years.

Adopt a Notary

The foundation, through the project 'Adopt a Notary' will be funding the restoration of the manuscripts and archived materials of Notaio Bartolomeo Selvagii de Via, some which date back to 1531. The materials will serve as resources for students studying Anthropology, Sociology and other subjects.

Immaculate Conception Church - St Julians

The sixth project started off three years ago, and includes the restoration of one alter and one alter piece.






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