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Gay Weddings Malta supports Father Mark Montebello

Thursday, 16 April 2015, 12:59 Last update: about 5 years ago

Gay Weddings Malta fully supports the blessing of the rings by Father Mark Montebello at Nicholas and Edward’s engagement party held last Friday in Balluta Bay.

Bernice Bugeja, Director of Events for Gay Weddings Malta commented, “We provide gay couples with the services they desire to celebrate their love for each other. As organsiers of Nicholas and Edward’s engagement party we were thrilled at the respect for that love shown by Fr. Montebello by the blessing of the rings.”

The story was broken by The Malta Independent last Monday. Fr Montebello was later summoned by Archbishop Mgr Charles Scicluna and a statement was issued saying that the Curia encouraged him to continue to carry out his pastoral duties with homosexual people, but always to abide by the Church rules and discipline.

All over the world the ring is seen as a symbol of love between two people with the ritual of engagement being the start of this magical journey of devotion and a lifetime of commitment between them.

Within our own culture and throughout the Catholic faith, blessings by Priests are held in high regard. It is commonplace for Priests to be called upon by followers of the faith to bless all manner of things important to them, their family and their loved ones.

Miss Bugeja added: “The decision by Fr Montebello to bless Nicholas and Edward’s love, through their engagement rings, the very symbol to the world of that love, is acknowledged by Gay Weddings Malta as progress by a priest helping society to become more accepting of our fellow man and woman”

Gay Weddings Malta acknowledges the church discipline and practice in the celebration of sacred rites and church rituals, which Fr. Montebello agreed to continue to uphold earlier this week whilst meeting with the Archbishop

Miss Bugeja continued, “In light of the reported outcome of this meeting it is heartening that Archbishop Charles J Scicluna has encouraged Fr Montebello to continue his pastoral ministry and outreach to gay people “

Gay Weddings Malta is looking forward to continuing the preparations for the civil union ceremony being held next year where the love between Nicholas and Edward, both Roman Catholic, will be recognised in law.

Bernice Bugeja, clearly passionate about her work, leaves a thought for us all to ponder, “Priests bless boats, cars, houses and businesses, is it really such a big deal in our modern world that a priest decides to bless the love between two human beings?” a thought that no doubt will stimulate discussion within our evolving society and culture as to how we view, treat and respect each other.


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