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Man cleared for lying under oath after court takes family dispute into account

Therese Bonnici Monday, 10 August 2015, 13:49 Last update: about 4 years ago

The court today cleared a 54-year-old man from charges of perjury, after it took into account that disputes between relatives rendered testimonies which were not credible.

Two years ago, Joseph Camilleri, of Naxxar, was charged with lying under oath during proceedings against Giuseppe Camilleri, who was being charged with dangerous driving.  It was Giuseppe who alleged that Joseph, his nephew, gave a false testimony in court.

The uproar started when in 2010, Jacqueline Camilleri filed a report alleging that while she was walking home one afternoon, Giuseppe, her husband's uncle, had driven at an excessive speed, almost hitting her and her two children. Subsequently, Giuseppe was charged with dangerous driving.

In court, Jacqueline said that Joseph was on scene and she had spoken to him following the incident. Joseph's version of events was compatible to that of Jacqueline.

However, Giuseppe gave a contradicting version of events, claiming that on the day in question, Jacqueline was walking along the path leading to his farmhouse, as if to harass him, but he merely opened the gate and drove in. He insisted that he never saw Joseph on site.

Giuseppe's wife and daughters, who accompanied him in the vehicle, also admitted to having seen Jacqueline but stressed that the man never drove at an excessive speed.

The court noted that it had been presented with two versions of events, and therefore it depends on the credibility of the witnesses. 

It said that it is clear that there is a dispute between Joseph and Giuseppe and therefore acquitted Joseph of all charges. 

Lucio Scriha and Robert Piscopo appeared for the man.

Magistrate Consuelo Scerri Herrera presided.


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