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Property speculator Marco Gaffarena sees red, ends up in court for fight with bus driver

Jacob Borg Monday, 18 January 2016, 12:35 Last update: about 3 years ago

Property speculator Marco Gaffarena was in court this morning after allegedly running a red light and getting into a fight with a bus driver.

Bus driver Younness Berrad told the court that Mr Gaffarena ran a red light in Floriana, leading to words being exchanged between the two drivers.

Mr Berrad said that five minutes later Mr Gaffarena got onto his bus at the Valletta Terminus and beat him up after the passengers had disembarked.

“I was trapped in the driver’s seat. I saw lots of blood. I tried to stop him from beating me up,” Mr Berrad told the court.

Mr Berrad said the incident in question happened last April, though he was unable to recall the exact date when questioned by Magistrate Joe Mifsud.

The police and an ambulance were called on site, Mr Berrad said.

Giving his version of events, Mr Gaffarena said he pulled out when the traffic lights turned green and the bus driver started tailgating him and cursing.

Mr Gaffarena said the driver told him to meet near the Triton Foundation if he had a problem, with the property speculator taking up the challenge.

 “Then what happened, happened,” Mr Gaffarena summed up succinctly.

He too was unable to recall the date of the incident when asked by Magistrate Joe Mifsud.

Sources said that the incident actually happened on 20 May.

Magistrate Joe Mifsud found both men not guilty of assault charges, as conflicting evidence had been given and CCTV footage of the incident was not displayed in court. 


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