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Reluctant Toni Abela on Court of Auditors: ‘The nomination is what it is’

Jacob Borg Monday, 1 February 2016, 08:08 Last update: about 3 years ago

A downcast sounding Toni Abela told The Malta Independent yesterday that his nomination to the European Court of Auditors “is what it is” when asked for his reaction to the Prime Minister’s surprise announcement on Saturday.

“The nomination is what it is, from now on I will do my best,” Dr Abela said.

Asked if he was surprised by the nomination and whether he is happy about it, Dr Abela replied: “It is an honour, let’s say that.”

Dr Abela will replace former Nationalist minister Louis Galea in the role.

One day after the nomination was announced, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat used a political activity in Lija to portray Dr Abela’s ousting as Labour’s deputy leader for party affairs as an opportunity to refresh the party structures and bring about meaningful change.

He called on the Opposition to support Dr Abela's appointment to the Court of Auditors. 

Asked by The Malta Independent if he thinks his nomination will receive the Opposition’s support, Dr Abela said it is not up to him to determine what the opposition does.


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