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Marlene Farrugia lashes out: The oligarchy remained, with different faces and less competence

Wednesday, 10 February 2016, 08:43 Last update: about 3 years ago

How can a party that destroyed internal democracy convince the country that it is leading in a democratic way, independent MP Marlene Farrugia said this morning.

Taking to Facebook to criticise the fact that there is only one contender for the post of Labour Party deputy leader for party affairs, Dr Farrugia said that what is happening in “the Labour Party that is no longer a Labour Party” mirrors what is taking place across the country.

The MP, who resigned from the PL last November, said the recent scandals show that “a few businessmen are pulling the strings” of the government for the country to be governed like a private enterprise which is solely interested in making financial gain.

“It’s not the first time that a private company sold its employees’ health to register a profit at the end of the year,” Dr Farrugia said. And this is what is happening in Malta.

“We had criticised the PN when Gonzi took part in a one-man race, and now the PL is copying the PN here as well.

“We had criticised the oligarchy in the PN and now we have the same situation – with less competence.

“We had criticised the appointment of magistrates and we have done worse.

“We had criticised the environmental disasters and now worse is being done.

“We had criticised Gonzi for the high price of utilities and fuels and now this government is stealing much more from the Maltese as the price of oil is $30 per barrel and the Maltese are still paying as if oil is still much more expensive.

“We had criticised the PN for selling what was public, and now in two years and a half the Labour government destroyed, sold or is distributing what remained for pennies.

“We used to criticise the cancer factory, and now half the legislature is over and this factory is still there and we added more to it because of the traffic chaos.

“We raised ruckus when the PN hid part of the contract with BWSC, and now we have honoured someone who hid more contracts from the Maltese and who sold the Maltese people’s wealth by appointing him deputy leader of the PL.

“This and more was not what the people expected when it voted Labour almost three years ago.

“The change was only in the faces. Governance remained the same, if not worse.

“The people are seeing a slice of bread but are only taking the crumbs, while the same people get rich and consolidate their power.

“There is a need for the Maltese to wake up and see that nobody takes them for a ride. Malta and Gozo deserve better.”

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