The Malta Independent 26 May 2018, Saturday

Malta has already surpassed EU 2020 interim clean energy target - Environment Minister

Friday, 18 March 2016, 20:02 Last update: about 3 years ago

Environment Minister Leo Brincat said that Malta has already surpassed the EU 2020 interim targets for clean energy.

Minister Brincat took part in a university debate organised by Insite, the student media association, with the theme - 'Are we too late on global climate change?'

He said that solar energy will, without a doubt, give the largest contribution for Malta to reach its 2020 targets.

The Minister also explained that, with regard to efficient use of energy, Malta is expected to surpass its 2020 target by 7%.

The Minister said that the merge of the Malta Resources Authority and the Environment Authority will result in more synergy on the climate change issue.

He also announced that a major socio-economic and environment opportunities conference for climate action will take place in Malta, before the New York conference, where world leaders are invited to a signing ceremony on 22 April for the climate agreement that was reached in Paris in December last year, occurs.





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