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Marlene Farrugia does not exclude ‘convergence of political life’ with partner Godfrey Farrugia

Gabriel Schembri Monday, 30 May 2016, 09:32 Last update: about 4 years ago

Independent MP Marlene Farrugia does not rule out the possibility that, in the future, her political life converges again with that of her partner, the government whip Godfrey Farrugia. 

Speaking to this newsroom, the rebel MP said that she and Dr Farrugia have independent political lives.

She was replying to questions by The Malta Independent on whether her harsh rants against the government affect her relationship with Dr Farrugia.

“Godfrey and I have independent political lives. I do not rule out the possibility that in the future, our political lives might converge again.”

She explained that at the moment, the couple co-exists as the rest of their compatriots did in the past.

Asked to substantiate what she meant when in Parliament last Wednesday, she mentioned ‘the spies’ in every ministry whose duty is to report directly to the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff Keith Schembri, Dr Farrugia said that these are individuals who “owe their positions solely to the OPM circle.” However, pressed to explain or mention who these people were, the Independent MP refrained from answering.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat laughed off the suggestion of spies as cited by Farrugia and told journalists that there are no 007 agents in government.

Even Minister for Foreign Affairs George Vella did not accept this claim by Farrugia and said that there was a time when ministers “cowered in Castille”, but that was the time of Richard Cachia Caruana.

Following Wednesday’s debate and vote, Marlene Farrugia also said that the government MPs were ‘forced’ to vote against the motion. “Joseph Muscat himself forced the vote by forcing the whip on his MPs,” she added.

Asked to explain what she meant when during her speech, she mentioned ministers being pulled by strings in Castille, Dr Farrugia explained; “Ministers know that if they stand up, they will be beyond the protection circle. And no one is enthusiastic about relinquishing their perks. We have witnessed the transformation of Deborah Schembri for instance. ”

Despite the weekly lashes against the government, Marlene Farrugia brushes off the suggestion that she is doing this for attention – “Since when has living up to one's parliamentary duty become an attention seeking venture?”

“If my behaviour is waking up people to the harsh reality that we need to think,question and analyse if we want to take this country forward together in a dignified sustainable manner, then I welcome the attention and humbly request people to listen to what I’m saying.”

“I only talk about self-evident truths and my goal is to free our people's minds from the bondage of partisan anaesthesia.  I believe that the time of an intelligent, capable, Civil Society that can hold any government to account and exercise its democratic rights everyday not every five years, is here.  The Maltese Nation, after years of physical and psychological occupation, is finally breaking free. I am only an instrument in the hands of the people who are feeling the need to break the status quo,” she concludes.

The motion tabled by Marlene Farrugia which suggests the appointment of an ad hoc parliamentary committee to investigate the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff Keith Schembri was defeated with 30MPs voting in favour and 35 against.

Originally, the motion of censure was directed at Keith Schembri, but Speaker Anglu Farrugia ruled that this was not admissible because Mr Schembri is not an elected official. The Speaker instead ruled that the motion was to be amended to censure the Prime Minister, who can then in turn ask for Mr Schembri's resignation.

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