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OPM refuses PN letter addressed to Kasco Ltd; PN says Schembri embarrassed to accept cheque

Monday, 30 May 2016, 12:55 Last update: about 4 years ago

The Officer of the Prime Minister today refused a letter it received from the Nationalist Party which was addressed to Kasco Limited.

In a statement, the OPM said that “in a gentle manner”, it informed the messenger who was sent with the letter that he had gone to the wrong address.

The OPM “informed the Opposition Leader that it does not received letters addressed to third parties with whom the PN has a commercial relationship”.

On Sunday, Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil said that the PN would settle its commercial dues with OPM chief of staff Keith Schembri via a cheque for €121,000.sent to him at Castille.

In its reaction, the Nationalist Party said that one week after threatening the PN with legal action, Keith Schembri was too embarrassed to receive the cheque that was sent to him.

The PN said that as announced yesterday, the PN sent a cheque to Keith Schembri at his workplace, Castille, to settle debts. But Schembri was embarrassed to accept it at Castille and instead the cheque was accepted by his lawyer.

The PN said it had paid up its dues to show that it was not afraid of Schembri, and the latters behaviour gave more courage to the PN to fight for democracy and to stop a system whereby people are threatened with court cases if they object to the governments corruption scandals.

The threat against the PN came a day after it had threatened The Times in the same manner, the PN said. It is a clear case of abuse of power.


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