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FIRST magazine: Frank Salt - We are family

First Magazine Thursday, 16 March 2017, 15:09 Last update: about 2 years ago

Frank Salt Real Estate has grown from a small family business into one with over 175 team members – but it has never lost that important sense of family that keeps it so close knit. HR Manager Rania Zouari explains the strong core, ethical values and exciting benefits that make this such a great place to work.

Frank Salt Real Estate is an exciting place to be. At any given moment, across any of its numerous branches, sales are being made, contracts are being signed and deals are being done. It is fast-paced and dynamic but, at the same time, also focused and well-grounded; there is a sense of history and commitment that goes hand-in-hand with the Frank Salt Real Estate recipe for success.

Overseeing many aspects of the way this 175-strong team works together, is HR Manager Rania Zouari whose role is to ensure that the company's core values of team spirit, recognition, stability, lifestyle and rewards are central to everything that goes on.


"As a department, our goal is to promote corporate values and enable business success through recruitment, performance management and employment cycle changes," Rania explains, adding that this needs to be achieved while supporting business needs and ensuring the proper implementation of company strategy and objectives. "My academic background and work experience relate well to the job requirements here at Frank Salt Real Estate. This is because the role requires a person with tact and diplomacy, as well as someone who is able to liaise effectively with others. I feel that my personality and qualities fit in well, especially since I have an easy, enthusiastic, outgoing nature and can work well in a team."

Part of Rania's role is to recruit the people needed by Frank Salt Real Estate to ensure the company can keep growing in the right direction. "This really is a great place to work, so it's exciting to be able to reach out to people and show them just how many benefits there are to working in real estate and, specifically, to working with Frank Salt."

Of course it does take a particular type of person to succeed in this fast-paced field. Great agents need to be pleasant, friendly and organised, with an outgoing personality and positive attitude. They also need to have strong communication skills, should love challenges and must have lots of confidence when meeting new people.

"A person with those skills can look forward to a really great career with us," says Rania. "After all, this is a job with excellent working conditions and which enables you to earn as much as you want. In fact, on average, consultants working with us sell and earn up to 60 per cent more than consultants working with our competitors. It's also very satisfying, especially when you close a sale or a letting agreement."

Beyond all of that, Frank Salt Real Estate is also well known for supporting its employees, both at the start of their relationship with the company and as they progress through the ranks. As a result, team members never feel as if they have to 'go it alone', but know they are supported every step of the way, thanks to the company's specialised support and ongoing training.

"From the moment someone joins the company they are given all the help they need to succeed," says Rania. "Training starts immediately, with two months of compulsory courses for new recruits, and this is then followed by consistent mentoring schemes and training programmes. It's all very hands-on, which makes it fun, while the advice comes from people in-the-know who have actually experienced the industry first-hand and whose input is extremely valuable. We are tremendously proud of this aspect of our approach and believe it truly sets us apart from other real estate companies on the island."

And 'team spirit' is also a cornerstone of life at Frank Salt Real Estate. "With the serious business comes lots of fun," Rania beams. "We take a 'work hard, play hard' approach and constantly organise activities that bring the whole company together, from motivational talks to team-building events. As people progress through the company there are also huge rewards to look forward to - including an all-expenses-paid 10-day trip abroad for the top performers. Destinations have included Las Vegas, Dubai, Malaysia and South Africa (this month), and all who went found the trips to be absolutely amazing!"

Finally, Rania also stresses that this is a great time to join the industry as a whole, and Frank Salt Real Estate specifically. "The real estate market really is booming and demand in the sector easily outweighs supply. Interest and investment in Malta is more prolific than ever, so we continue to need good, dedicated people to help us reach out to the ever-growing number of potential buyers, renters and investors".

 "Frank Salt Real Estate is expanding too - we are opening more offices around Malta in the near future and are looking to recruit new team members. There are lots of exciting opportunities available to them and we look forward to making them a reality," she adds with a smile.


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