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iGaming salaries in Malta ‘impressive’ but still not as high as other industry hubs

Julian Bonnici Sunday, 19 March 2017, 07:00 Last update: about 2 years ago

Executive pay within the industry in Malta continues to be competitive and high performers can demand impressive payouts and average base salaries but is still not as high as in other iGaming hubs such as London or Gibraltar, the 2017 Edition of the Boston Link iGaming Salary Survey has revealed.

The report showed that persons occupying executive positions earned between €90,000 and €140,000 with the average CEO of an iGaming company in Malta would earn about €140,000 a year.


It went on to say that the CEO, CFO, COO, and CMO positions tend to be subject to performance related bonuses in addition to base salary and benefits. In fact, there are some CEOs in Malta earning €200,000 a year.

Average operations staff salaries, which include customer service representatives and graphic designers, have a wide range between €15,000 to €80,000 a year, with managers and department heads accounting for the higher end of the statistic.

The report recognised that linguistic skills have become an increasingly important aspect of salary determination for operator staff, particularly for VIP, marketing, and customer support departments. Shift work also commonly commands higher remuneration in these areas.

Supply staff, which relates game developers and payments providers, have an average salary range between €28,000 to €85,000 a year

The Boston Link survey also revealed that firms with a well-structured relocation programme tended to have more settled, productive employees, who were more likely to stay past the first weeks and months.

“Companies are making relocations work well through correct advice and assistance on personal administration such as bank accounts, social security and ID cards, by using the right real estate agents who know the best properties, and through knowledge of the schooling system.”

Tech hiring is a “major headache” for the iGaming sector, the survey found. “A huge imbalance between supply and demand is leading to multiple offer scenarios and buy-backs. Companies that are winning in this space are offering the best technologies, the best pay, and relocating talent from overseas,” the report said.

“Relocating talent to the island must be part of a company’s recruitment strategy. While the relocation package is unlikely to be the key driver of an individual's decision to accept a role (or indeed which role to accept) it will undoubtedly influence their decision and is therefore an important part of an offer.”

The survey described Malta’s iGaming industry as “one of the most progressive in Europe, if not globally for the wellbeing of their staff,” citing perks such as “creative office spaces, free meals, sophisticated company events, and generous welcome packs” as well as other standard rewards including health insurance and gym membership subsidies.

It also forecast that going into 2017, the industry would see more of a focus on pension schemes, flexible and remote working, personalised benefits and incentives, points-based benefits structures and clearer and better supported career development plans.


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