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Fenech Adami claims 'attempt to implicate innocent PS, magistrate' in Gozo drugs case

Monday, 20 March 2017, 20:46 Last update: about 2 years ago

Unknown individuals sent anonymous letters to MPs in an attempt to implicate two innocent people - a cabinet member and a magistrate - in a case of political interference in a police drugs investigation, PN Deputy Leader Beppe Fenech Adami claimed this evening.

The case revolves around a statement given to the police during a drug investigation in 2013, which was changed following a meeting involving “two senior politicians” and family members of the suspects. The claims were made by MaltaToday. The government has since launched an inquiry, which the PN says it has no faith in.

Speaking in Parliament this evening, Dr Fenech Adami said a number of MPs and presenters had received an anonymous letter claiming that the two politicians were Parliamentary Secretary Justyne Caruana and Grazio Mercieca, who has since been appointed as Magistrate.

Parliamentary Secretary Justyne Caruana 

He insisted that both individuals had nothing to do with the case, claiming that this was an attempt by certain individuals to deviate attention away from the real culprits. “This is how serious things have, become,” he said. “There are some who do not want the truth to come out, but we will do everything we can so that it does.” Dr Fenech Adami said he wanted the PM and the Home Affairs Minister to assure him that they would do the same.

Magistrate Grazio Mercieca

The PN Deputy Leader said it should not be difficult for the inquiry to find out who the real politicians involved were  - all they need to do is find out which ministers were in Gozo on the night in question. He also insisted that this was a case of ‘two weight, two measures,’ pointing out that the government had appointed a three-judge inquiry to look into the CapitolOne case, with which he is linked, but was reluctant to investigate this “very serious” case about drug trafficking, in which two senior politicians were involved. 

Responding to Dr Fenech Adami, Minister for Home Affairs and National Security Carmelo Abela stated that the investigation is underway and results will be published once they are finished. 

Goverment reaction 

Parliamentary Secretary for Rights of Persons with a Disability and Active Aging, Justyne Caruana categorically denies any connection to the Gozo drug story, after her involvement was suggested in an anonymous letter, which was placed on the Parliamentary table yesterday, after being read out by Deputy Leader of the Nationalist Party, Beppe Fenech Adami.

In a statement sent this morning, The Parliamentary Secretary said that she has opened an independent investigation about the situation, to verify the facts and establish whether the aforementioned shortcomings did take place.

"For the truth to surely come out", she said in the statement, "justice needs to take its course without being compromised amongst hearsay". 


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