The Malta Independent 26 April 2018, Thursday

Police officer bitten by reckless driver, court hears

Thursday, 20 April 2017, 15:18 Last update: about 2 years ago

A man today was fined €1,000 and given a suspended sentence after he bit a police officer who stopped him for dangerous driving.

Carlos Gauci is understood to have had an argument with his girlfriend and was chasing a bus in which she was riding, when the officer pulled him over.

The 31-year-old San Gwann resident was accused of breaching the peace on Wednesday at 5am, using foul language and blaspheming loudly outside a residence in Vittoriosa.


The court heard that when the police arrived, the accused threatened the five officers and disobeyed their orders. One constable was slightly injured when the accused bit him. Gauci was also charged with assaulting the officers and slightly injuring one. Charges were also filed against the accused for dangerous driving, speeding and failure to obey traffic regulations.

Gauci pleaded guilty to the charges.

Magistrate Aaron Bugeja took into account the accused's clean criminal record, early admission and his readiness to make reparations for the damage caused to the officer's uniform. 

The court sentenced Gauci to nine months' imprisonment, suspended for a year. He was also fined €1,000.

At the prosecution's request, the court also ordered the suspension of the man's driving licence for one month and ordered him not to approach the officers involved or his girlfriend's family members for a year against a penalty of €1,000.



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