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Updated: PN and PD to contest election under PN’s banner, name

Friday, 28 April 2017, 09:54 Last update: about 3 years ago

The Nationalist Party and the Partit Demokratiku will be contesting the next election under the PN’s name and banner, with PD candidates to have Tal-Orangjo added after their name.

This was announced this morning at a press conference in which the details of the coalition agreement on what will be known as the Forza Nazzjonali, reached by the PN and PD, were made public.

The PN and PD agreed to present one electoral list, meaning that Marlene Farrugia, who was elected in the last election for Labour, will effectively be contesting with the PN.


One list also means that votes given to either PN or PD candidates will be counted together as one group.

The PN and PD will be working together to present one electoral programme and that, if elected, will take decisions and give appointments in the best interests  of the country and without partisan considerations.

It was decided that both parties will have the prerogative to choose on which district to field their respective candidates. Informal discussions on the choice of districts could be held.

Each and every candidate will remain under the responsibility of the respective party, although the PN and PD agreed to discuss informally what disciplinary action could be taken against candidates who misbehave.

During the conference, it was announced that a PD candidate will contest in every district. Dr MArlene Farrugia also said that the PD did not request any co-option, if no PD candidate is elected. 

Regarding PN released policy documents, PN Leader Simon Busuttil said that they are not cast in stone, and that the PN will be open to additions to them should the PD want to include something.

Both parties will have one single manifesto, based on the principles of good governance, social justice, a sustainable economy, safeguarding of the environment and constitutional reform.

Turning to the meeting with Alternattiva Demokratika scheduled for later on today, Dr Busutti was not willing to comment publicly about something that will be discussed privately. Asked whether he truly believes the AD would be willing to join the Coalition, Dr Busuttil said that he is ready to speak with anyone who wants to speak with him. "If we don't reach an agreement, then we will say that, however we will go there to see if there is enough commin ground to reach an agreement."

Dr Busuttil explained that it is hard for a political party to admit that it must be ready to work with other parties, but said that the PN is placing the national interest ahead of partisan concerns. “We plan to create a large national force based on reason, and we believe we can mobilise the public."

He welcomed the higher level of scrutiny such a coalition will bring.

PD Leader Marlene Farrugia stressed that the woalition will result in the dream of a transparent and meritocratic government, which the Labour Party had promised back in 2013, become reality. She also urged the AD to enter negotiations with the PN with an open mind.

PL reaction

The PL, in reaction, called the coalition, a coalition of confusion which will result in national chaos, asking whether people should put their trust in the hands of the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Finance Minister Edward Scicluna, or in the hands of Simon Busuttil and Marlene Farrugia.

PN response

The PN said that the only national crisis is that caused by the Prime Minister, his Chief of Staff Keith Schembri, and his minister, Konrad Mizzi. "In the coming elections, the people will have a choice, between those being criminally investigated, and a new government.


Koalizzjoni tal-konfużjoni li jwassal għall-kaos nazzjonali. Trid tagħżel jekk tafdax l- Ekonomija u l-post tax xogħol tiegħek f’idejn Joseph Muscat u Edward Scicluna jew Marlene Farrugia u Simon Busuttil.

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