The Malta Independent 18 June 2018, Monday

INDEPTH: ‘I still think divorce is not beneficial to society’ – Tonio Fenech

INDEPTH online Friday, 12 May 2017, 09:13 Last update: about 2 years ago

‘I still think that divorce is not beneficial to society,’ former Finance Minister Tonio Fenech said on INDEPTH.

Interviewed by The Malta Independent news editor Rachel Attard, he said that the he wants to see more healthy marriages and not broken ones.  He added that even though the public has decided, it does not mean that each decision taken in a democracy is beneficial to society.


Mr Fenech said that everyone knows that "I do not embrace liberal views and it does not mean that I agree with each and every decision that the Nationalist Party took and will be taking". He added that "my values and principles are based on the Christian values and I follow those, however that does not mean I do not respect others who have different views".


Mr Fenech announced last week that after twenty years in politics, he will not be contesting the general election on 3 June.

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