The Malta Independent 26 September 2018, Wednesday

PN pledges to put disciplined forces on 40-hour week, decrease tax on ‘extra duty’

Joanna Demarco Friday, 19 May 2017, 16:10 Last update: about 2 years ago

The Nationalist Party are pledging to decrease the working hours of the disciplined forces to a 40-hour working week, and providing payment for any overtime worked, Deputy Leader of the Nationalist Party Beppe Fenech Adami announced this afternoon.

Speaking on a televised program, Dr Fenech Adami said that the disciplined forces, will have their working hours revised, if the Nationalist Party is to be elected in the coming general election. 


"They currently work 46 hours a week, rather than 40 hours," he said, "we want them to work 40 hours a week, like other workers, and if they do work more, they are paid overtime." He said, adding that part of this pledge means increasing in the amount of employees within the forces.

The deputy leader also pledged that the first €10,000  earned through "extra duty" work will have tax decreased from 15% to 10%. Dr Fenech Adami explained that extra duty is not in the usual routine of the , and include events such as private functions or an event at the national stadium. He said that sometimes the police are severely delayed in payment, with the excuse that the organizer of the event has not yet paid. Dr Fenech Adami pledged that under a Nationalist Government, that would stop.  He also pledged to honour the current government's commitments to compensate both former and current officers for unpaid overtime. 

Prior to this, the Deputy Leader mentioned the first pledge that a new police commissioner will be selected by a two-third majority in Parliament.

Dr Fenech Adami also spoke about the need to Increase the female members of women in the police force, however statistics about other European countries in this sector are yet to be examined. He said that measures for women to work within "all levels of" the police corp will be introduced, including family friendly measures.

He also said special attention will be given to reforming rehabilitation for prisoners. "A country where prisoners go in and come out worse as they were before is a failed society," he said.

He also pledged that the party would look into introducing measures in criminal hotspots around Malta, so that police will not see working those shifts as "negative", but, rather, would "enjoy the responsibility".

Refering to police from all four sectors including the police force, AFM, civil protection unit and prison, Dr Fenech Adami said "I want to offer proposals which shows that our party recognizes the importance and appreciation of the work they are doing".  

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