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Cassola’s new innovative Great Siege book available via crowdfunding site

Monday, 19 June 2017, 14:38 Last update: about 11 months ago

A new book offering a fresh angle on the events of the Great Siege of Malta is to gain funding for publication by crowdfunding on Maltese site,

Although there have been many accounts of the Great Siege, this groundbreaking book by well-known local author Arnold Cassola highlights a different piece of history by recounting it from the Turkish perspective, the first of its kind to do so.

In Süleyman the Magnificent and Malta 1565 - Decisions, Concerns, Consequences, Professor Cassola shares his depiction of the challenges that were faced from a Turkish viewpoint, under Ottoman Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent.


"I wanted to look at the preparations that took place before the Siege - the concerns, the worries, the daily needs, the technicalities and so on, as well as what went on during the siege and in its immediate aftermath," shares Prof. Cassola. "All of this is presented from the perspective of Süleyman the Magnificent, which is especially interesting as he was based thousands of kilometres away from where the action was happening in Malta, in modern day Istanbul."

To help cover the costs of this unique book to be published and printed, Prof. Cassola will be crowdfunding on local platform ZAAR.

Offered in a softbound small-book format and accompanied by various images and documents in full colour, the more funds that are raised via the ZAAR crowdfunding campaign, the more copies of this book will be produced.

Backers who support the crowdfunding campaign can also expect to receive a reward, depending on the amount they have donated, varying from an e-copy of the book to multiple signed copies and an invitation to the exclusive lecture on the subject by Prof. Cassola.

Interested backers are invited to visit for more information and to like the ZAAR page on Facebook (

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