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PN leadership contestant Adrian Delia pledges 'a new way', with 'fresh energy'

Joanna Demarco Monday, 17 July 2017, 11:16 Last update: about 9 months ago

Contestant for the PN Leadership Adrian Delia launched his campaign for the Nationalist Party leadership this morning, saying that he is sure that an MP will cede his parliamentary seat should he be elected to the post.

Being a new face in the political scene, Delia sees this as an advantage to go about things in a "fresh way" and having energy for "a new way" of politics.

In a news conference outside the Nationalist Party headquarters, launching off his campaign 'A New Way', Delia spoke about his 'complete dedication' to changing politics if he is to be elected. Delia referred to the occasion as his "formal birth in the political world."


 "The Nationalist Party is in a stage of renewal," he said, "and I believe I can be instrumental in that renewal."  Delia sees being new to the political scene as an advantage, "it will do the party good that I am an outsider," he said, explaining that it would enhance the idea of Nationalist Party politics being 'politics for the people' and working from "the ground up".

"This freshness and new energy will bring about things to happen in a fresh way," he said. He elaborated on his idea to build the country on "our children's aspirations".

He added that he will look at politics in an objective manner, aware of families and those who "are most vulnerable and need the most help." "We need to change how we look at each other," he said saying that change cannot be limited to being written on paper.

He later added that although he is new as a face to the party, he has long been involved with the party as a tesserat and councilor. "People do not care if someone is new or not," he said,  "what people care about is how politics is going to better their lives." He said that this decision will affect him, his family, a nd "hopefully, if successful, many other Maltese people."

Earlier, Delia said he is confident one of the MPs representing the PN in Parliament will give up his or her seat to enable him to be co-opted to Parliament, if he wins the election.

Asked by the media what will happen with regards to parliament, seeing as he is not an MP and did not contest in the general elections, Delia said "I am confident that someone will give me their chair in the interest of the party and the country."

Delia was asked what he thinks about the decision of Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil to file an application in court calling for an investigation into the Panama companies of Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi. Delia replied that it was an option following the failure of the police and other authorities to take action, however is "not a solution". A lawyer by profession for the past 25 years, Delia said that he is a strong believer in the constitution and rule of law and stated it should not be the job of the opposition leader to take such actions.

In his speech, Delia said that his decision is based on "something very simple," "politics affects the lives of each and every one of us [..] my decision is to participate fully."

"Being new to this process and new to the intricacies of a party means that you come with fresh eyes, with new energy and ideas, at a time when the party needs to start afresh, building on the values and principles, which were and made the party great, but also doing things in a new way."

Elaborating on this concept to this newspaper, he said "a new way which means that it is the people, who together with its delegates, councilors and administration decide the future aspirations of their country and how the country needs to achieve them. A new way in which we think that diversity does not divide but can unite us and make us stronger, a new way in which to have people who not only love themselves in a party, but the party above all, so they can give themselves their best for the party and the country."

"A new way which means that firstly we look at the positive impact that politics can have on our country, where we, our children and our families need to live and work in the next 30,40 and 50 years. That is a way that the party becomes a machine, a tool to do good to society, not only introspective, but succeed in being a tool to society at large and to individuals in their homes and families," he concluded.






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