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‘How dare you?’ PL councillor attacks foreign media over journalist murder coverage

Julian Bonnici Wednesday, 18 October 2017, 15:51 Last update: about 2 years ago

Marsaxlokk PL local councillor Daniel Zerafa has attacked foreign media for what he says is misreporting the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, and lambasted them for expecting rule of law to exist in “a small island nation situated in the middle of three destabilized continents.”

The shocking assassination of the journalist has brought wide-spread condemnation around the world, with prestigious media houses such as The Guardian and The New York Times publishing editorials on the issue.


“How dare you?! How dare you mock our country? Who are you to know so much about our country, history and current affairs?!” a Facebook post read.

“There is no fear amongst us, there is no terror in our country, children still go to school, people still hang out late at night, people still get stuck in traffic and get to work, people are free to write and talk about anything, people still plan their future, business as usual. All merit to a recent stable and progressive government. So what the hell are you media mongers bragging about?”

“Of course there are 'bad things' that go through or exist in our fragile country. We all know our country is better than this. But what do you expect from a small island nation situated in the middle of three destabilized continents and still rule of law exist?”

Zerafa then goes on rant seemingly blaming foreigners themselves.

“And whose fault is that? YOURSELF! You and your bloody governments for centuries colonizing other nations while exercising their foreign policies, in modern times sending armies, missiles and jets bombing and butchering all our Mediterranean neighbours to create 'democracy'. Such failed interventions all ended up in repercussions and countries like ours end up as victims.”

“What else? Ever wondered to have a look at your homelands?

“Your countries are crawling with rebels, terror groups and separatists, your cities are bombed, your homes are burning, your citizens are losing their native lands to multiculturalism, how many homeless are there right now in your street? How many workers are protesting for their rights and pay? How many people are murdered on your streets?

“So I suggest before getting influenced by some local traitors or people in denial forging such insinuations, as reporters and journalist do your research. Do a proper Job. Without proof and facts it is unethical to mislead and misrepresent the truth.

“Malta always prevails. History proves it

“I stand for Malta.”

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