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Watch: Demonstrators gather in front of Parliament as House debates rule of law

Monday, 30 October 2017, 18:21 Last update: about 2 years ago

A number of demonstrators this evening gathered in front of Parliament as a much awaited debate on the rule of law and constitutional reform gets underway.

The women, holding a banner with the words ‘#occupyjustice’ confronted MPs as they made their way to the House.

The group is demanding the resignation of Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar and Attorney General Peter Grech and wants their replacements to be chosen with a two-thirds parliamentary majority.


Opposition Leader Adrian Delia and former PN leader Simon Busuttil spoke to the demonstrators. 

The Civil Society Network claimed that Prime Minister Joseph Muscat avoided them and entered through a backdoor.

But the PM later said he had been in the building since late afternoon. 

The Civil Society Network’s proposals are expected to be debated by MPs tonight.

The Nationalist Party said it will be putting forward proposals regarding the rule of law in Malta.

Last week, PN Leader Adrian Delia has presented a motion to parliament to urgently discuss the demands put forward by the Civil Society Network to President Marie-Louise Colerio Preca after the first demonstration in Valletta.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat urged a speedy convocation of the Constitutional Convention as the means to move Malta forward through the coming years. He also criticised the Opposition for asking for a debate on the situation in the country instead of the Budget debate last Monday.

Muscat said that he intends to hear what the Nationalist Party is proposing in this regard. But certain proposals cannot be accepted, for instance, if the Opposition propose sacking the Attorney General they must not only get two-thirds of the House in favour of such a move but they must also prove the AG is no longer able to fulfil his duty.

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