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Basketball (women's MAPFRE MSV Life League): Starlites reverse Shield defeat by Depiro

Monday, 27 November 2017, 14:28 Last update: about 12 months ago

Starlites GIG        57

Depiro        49    

(8-8, 13-12, 10-16, 26-13)

Starlites were beaten by ten points in the Shield match against Depiro but this time they turned the tables to open up the Women's league with a victory.

Both sides had changes in their formation. Starlites were without Danielle Agius and Jaelle Micallef and gave debuts to two youngsters Michela Riolo and Michela Zammit Cordina. Depiro had skipper Maria Bonett just a spectator on the bench.


They were also without Justine Xuereb Laura Vella and Mariah Micallef  but they recovered Claire Ciantar and introduced their new American Alexis Lloyd.

There was a slow start to the match with a low score. Patricia Arguello began by sinking a trey for Starlites but Depiro overturned the score.

Arguello again regained Starlites' lead but Steffi DeMartino netted a Depiro triple with Kirsty Galea tying the score for Starlites.

In the next period Depiro forged forward but Starlites returned the compliment and a 9-2 run had them jumping in front.

Depiro tied the score with Galea netting a Starlites triple. It was Lloyd once more to put the two sides on a par but Starlites were just in front at the interval on a slight 21-20 advantage.

After the break, Depiro were the better side as they made up an early 8-4 run with a Lloyd triple. Arguello points overturned the score for Starlites but Depiro prevailed and a late 7-2 run from Lloyd and Ciantar had them enjoying a 36-31 advantage. In the last quarter the points were more plentiful.

Starlites managed an early 10-1 run to grab another lead. DeMartino points and a trey put Depiro in front but it was the turn of Arguello to with similar points also a triple to regain a Starlites' advantage.

Nicole Agius and DeMartino nailed two more Depiro treys but in between Arguello also sank a triple as Starlites held on to their lead. More free shots secured Starlites' victory in a late run as they obtained the league's opening win.

Starlites: D. Revol 21 , K. Galea , J. Doughty 3, S. Farrugia , H. Acreman, M. Riolo, M. Zammit Cordina , E. Magrin , P. Arguello 24, M. Cutajar 3, S. Davis 2, A. Lupo 4. 

Depiro: A. Mifsud , T. Mifsud , C. Camilleri 4, S. DeMartino 19, N. Agius 6, N. Agius, A. Lloyd 14, T. Maciej, C. Ciantar 6.  

Referees: Z. Dobrosavljevic, I. Marjanovic, J. Cole.



Hibs' double over the champions

Hibernians  57

Caffe MOAK Luxol       44    

(10-10, 19-4, 15-7, 13-23)

The Paolites defeated the champions in the Shield to book a place in the final which they eventually lost to Athleta. Luxol also had been beaten by Athleta in the Super Cup.

The equilibrium in this match was only till the opening session but then Hibs eased away to dictate the play till the end of the encounter.

At first it was tit for tat as Luxol went ahead the Paolites replied with a Julia Scerri trey. Luxol twice were on level terms but Hibs went in front only for the champions to tie the score before the end of the period with a Paula Ellul triple.

In the second session, Hibs began their push to a better advantage. Luxol were unable to match their opponents as Hibs ground out a long 13-2 run as Naomi Farrugia sank a triple and Rachel Kehoe put in her hoops.

The champions managed a single hoop with the Paolites ending the session on a three hoop spread to mark up a healthy 29-14 advantage at the interval.

After the break Luxol began by sharing the play and Sarah Pace netted a triple but they didn't make any inroads to their deficit. Hibs then punished them further as they went on till the end of the period with a 9-2 run and more Kehoe points and a Jasmine Abela trey. Luxol were left 21-44 behind.

In the last session, the champions began better with Pace points and an Ina Baena Medina trey. The Paolites again settled down to regain their former lead. Luxol put in a determined spurt in the last stages of the match for a more reasonable scoreline as they made up an 11-2 run with Hibs not so flustered with their opponents' late surge of points.

Hibs: E. Micallef , E. Cassar 4, S. Gambino 6, S. Brincat 4, I. Agius, J. Abela 6, N. Vella 2, K. Caruana 2, N. Farrugia 5, R. Kehoe 21, K. Calleja, J. Scerri 7.

Luxol: S. Pace 9, C. Borg Millo, I. Baena Medina 7, N. Vella 2, A. Plummer 9, K. Portelli 3, P. Ellul 5, C. Sollami 4, M. Darmanin , C. Curmi 5. 

Referees: E. Mangani, N. Azzopardi, Z. Dobrosavljevic.

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