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INDEPTH: Casa and Dalli go head to head on financial services sector

INDEPTH online Friday, 1 December 2017, 09:53 Last update: about 12 months ago

Labour MEP Miriam Dalli and Nationalist MEP David Casa go head to head on financial services sector issues in a special edition of Indepth recorded in Brussels.

Interviewed by The Malta Independent editor-in-chief Rachel Attard, Dalli said that every time the PN MEPs attack the financial services, they are undermining the sector and the country.

She added that PN leader Adrian Delia's claims that there is bipartisan agreement on this subject is not true. This is because the three PN MEPs directly and indirectly continue to attack this sector and at the same time damage the country's reputation, she said. Dalli said that when this happens, "you are putting 10,000 jobs and 20% of Malta's GDP in danger."


Countering this argument, Casa said the Labour MEPs should be on "our side" to safeguard this sector.

Casa said that it is not the Nationalist MEPs who are undermining the sector, but financial institutions like Pilatus Bank. "I just wish that the entire FIAU report would be published in its entirety so that we would be able to see who is damaging this sector."

Casa also spoke about the alleged links between Maltese politicians and Azeri criminals, and insisted that the eyes of the European Parliament are zooming in on this 'friendship'.

Another issue that was tackled in the heated debate was the rule of law.

Casa said that even though the government said it had offered police protection to sacked FIAU officer Jonathan Ferris, till the day of the interview none had been given.  Reacting, Dalli said the rule of law in Malta still reigned, adding that "the PN MEPs are constantly attacking local institutions and this is harming our country."


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