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Sixteen: Analyse | Design | Implement

Wednesday, 6 December 2017, 10:19 Last update: about 13 months ago

David Seisun speaks about the formation of Sixteen, which has established itself as a leading cloud software provider in Malta by offering a number of software products for small to medium sized enterprises, and what sets the company’s products and services apart from the competition

What inspired you to start up your company?

The inspiration for Sixteen came from my will to help other companies strive using the latest cloud software around. A lot of companies are afraid of cloud software as they think it's expensive, inaccessible or unsafe. In reality, it's none of these. The cloud can offer enterprise grade software to companies at a fraction of the cost, while being intuitive and extremely safe and secure. What's more, it's the pinnacle example of resource-sharing, where large data centres offer their hardware/software at a cheaper price because they'd be able to fully utilise it 24/7 with all their clients.



Can you tell us a bit about Sixteen and what services you offer/specialise in? 

Sixteen is a leading cloud software provider in Malta offering a number of software products for small to medium enterprises. The products we offer are:

  • iKentoo - Restaurant POS (
  • Xero - Accounting Software (
  • Deputy - Time and Attendance (
  • Buddy - Timesheet and Payroll (

 All four software are fully integrated with each other to provide a full cloud ERP system to our clients. Sixteen offers both the software and hardware required for these systems to run, while also offering 24/7 Support and Training.


What do you believe are three key ingredients to your, or any company's success for that matter?

Undoubtedly, the product, team and motivation are the three key ingredients to the success of Sixteen. We choose top-notch products that are on the market and are constantly on the look out to ensure we always have the best. We believe that if a product isn't good to use for ourselves, it certainly won't be good for our clients.

Like in any reputable company, our team is a major element to our success, because after all it's the people who make a firm fruitful. Our team is made up of strong multi-talented individuals, who ensure that a good level of service is given to the client.

Last but certainly not least, there's motivation - an aspect which helps us grow and develop and ultimately guarantees success, because we know our clients are using pioneering products we've provided them.


Why 'Sixteen'? Where did the name originate from and what's the significance behind it?

Sixteen is the day I was born, 16th September, it was also the date I launched the company 16/09/14, 25 years later. The number Sixteen has always been my lucky number, so what better name to call my company? At the time of its inception, I also believed it would be a bold and original name for an IT Services company.


You offer 24/7 Support, so clearly your clients are at the forefront of whatever you do. How do you ensure ultimate customer satisfaction?

Offering 24/7 support was the key to Sixteen's success. In today's fast-moving economy, companies don't afford to wait with their computer systems down, particularly in the restaurant industry. Thus, this is why we made it a must to have 24/7 support from Day 1. As for customer satisfaction, we tell all our clients the same thing: "we make money if you don't call", meaning that it's in our interest that all the systems installed are reliable and of the best quality and performance. We constantly invest in state-of-the-art monitoring systems to be able to prevent issues from happening rather than waiting for them to happen.


What sets iKentoo software apart from your competitors? 

iKentoo is a system that was built by restauranteurs, for restauranteurs. The founders of iKentoo have worked in Kitchens and Restaurants throughout Switzerland and France and set out to solve the endless number of issues other conventional POS Systems come with. iKentoo has become one of the leading iPad POS on the market, with thousands of restaurants all over the world using this system. It offers numerous useful functionalities that will assist the owners take calculated decisions based on real-time data, with utmost flexibility.


What's your company's ethos? 

Sixteen has always been based on a three-word ethos: Analyse | Design | Implement. Analyse the situation carefully; Design a system that can cater to all the requirements and Implement it to the full.

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