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IĠM launches 28th edition of Malta Journalism Awards

Wednesday, 3 January 2018, 12:04 Last update: about 12 months ago

The Institute of Maltese Journalists (IĠM) launched the 28th edition of the annual press awards, known as the Malta Journalism Awards, with 21 categories. This year's edition is being supported by the Broadcasting Authority. Apart from the journalist himself/herself, Editors and Heads of News Departments may select and submit entries that they consider to be the best work of any individual journalist/s, irrespective of whether that journalist belongs to the same newsroom or not. Submissions can also be forwarded by organisations, corporations and other entities.


In both cases, consent has to be given by the individual journalist/s concerned by filling the appropriate part on the Official Application Form prior to submission of entry by the Editor, Head of News Department, or organisations/corporations/bodies.

IĠM Chairperson Norma Saliba said: “IGM is increasing the number of categories for this year's edition of the annual awards ceremony for local journalists, photographers, cameramen, columnists and presenters to grant them the possibility of receiving a recognition of the sterling work they do throughout the year. There are three new categories this year that will be adding to the 18 categories that have now been a fixed fixture in the past IGM Awards editions. I encourage the local media to participate in the awards as apart from their prestige, these awards reward the efforts that the media does to express freely various ideas that reflect the realities that are currently affecting the Maltese society.”

The 21 categories are:

Print categories:

Print Journalism

Photo Journalism – sponsored by The Farsons Foundation

Print/Broadcast categories:

Print/TV Script Investigative Journalism Human Stories – sponsored by the Malta Public Transport

Broadcast categories:

Broadcast Journalism – TV Script News

Broadcast Journalism – TV Script Features

Broadcast Journalism – Film

Broadcast Journalism – Radio News

Broadcasting Journalism – Radio Current Affairs


E-Journalism sponsored by Smart City Malta

General categories:

Sports Journalism Print

Sports Journalism Broadcasting sponsored by The Good Causes Fund

Sports Photography – sponsored by the Malta Gaming Authority

Travel Journalism – sponsored by Brittania Tours

Environment Journalism - sponsored by GreenPak Coop Society Ltd

Cultural Journalism – sponsored by the Malta Tourism Authority

Opinion Articles – sponsored by AX Holdings Limited

Journalism Award to Recognise Ethical and Positive Disability Coverage – sponsored by  Kummissjoni Nazzjonali Persuni B'Diżabilità, KNPD

Best use of Maltese Language in Journalism – Sponsored by the Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ilsien Malti

Special categories:

Valletta 2018 sponsored by Valletta 2018 Foundation

Print Journalism Award acknowledging local media coverage regarding the work carried out by Foundation Valletta 2018
Broadcast Journalism Award acknowledging local media coverage regarding the work carried out by Foundation Valletta 2018  

·        The awards shall recognise media coverage reporting the Foundation’s initiatives and activities that took place between the 1st of January 2017 and the 31st December 2017.

·        An award shall be granted to photographic work accompanied by a written script.

·        The other award shall be given to broadcasting work accompanied by a script.

·        The adjudication board shall be composed of one representative designated by the Foundation and three other members who shall evaluate all submissions participating in the annual edition of the Malta Journalism Awards.

Tourism – sponsored by the Malta Tourism Authority

l  Newspaper or Magazine Article/TV or Radio programme which was published/broadcast during 2017.

l  Gives prominence to the local Tourism Industry as a whole or to a specific aspect of the local tourism sector; or

l  Draws attention to the work of the Malta Tourism Authority and/or the Ministry for Tourism; or

l  Presents the MTA, its initiatives, activities and events in a positive light; or

l  Increases awareness of the importance of tourism and of the need to safeguard the beauty and authenticity of the Maltese Islands.

This year’s edition of the Gold Award is once again being sponsored by Fondazzjoni Tumas Fenech għall-Edukazzjoni fil-Ġurnaliżmu. More details about this particular award will be announced at a later date.

Following recommendations by previous judging panels, the Institute draws the attention of journalists to the following points:

a)    only coverages that were made overseas by the journalist concerned are to be submitted in the Overseas Assignment category;

b)    in the Broadcast TV Script and Broadcast Radio categories, all submissions are to be accompanied by the respective script;

c)     the same journalistic work or the same series can only be submitted in one category;

d)    journalists are to put forward their submissions in a presentable manner; and

e)     in selecting their best work, journalists shall seek to submit the most ethical work and avoid submitting material that only serves sensationalism.


The first three classified in each category will receive a certificate.

The winner of the first 17 categories above will each be awarded:

a)     a cash prize of €200;

b)    a certificate; and

c)     the Malta Journalism Awards trophy for the respective category.          

The winner of the special category entitled ‘Il-Lingwa Nazzjonali fil-Ġurnaliżmu’ will be presented with the Malta Journalism Award trophy for that category.

Announcement of Finalists

The Finalists will be announced at a ceremony on Monday, 26 March, 2018.

Presentation Ceremony

The Winners will be announced at a presentation ceremony to be held at the Palace Hotel, Sliema, on Saturday, 5 May, 2018.

All Maltese journalists may participate

All Maltese journalists may participate in the Malta Journalism Awards, irrespective of whether they are IĠM members or not. All entries, whether in Maltese or English, must have been published or broadcast in Malta between 1 January, 2017, and 31st December, 2017.

Closing Date

Submissions will be received at the offices of the Institute of Maltese Journalists, 280/3 Republic Street, Valletta, on Saturday, 3rd February 2018, between 9.00 a.m. and 12.00 p.m. (noon).

Non-members have to pay a participation fee with the submission.

Regulations and applications may be obtained either by phoning Roderick Agius 99471549 or from the website:

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