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Comedy Knights practised lines ‘bashing Adrian Delia’ at PN HQ

Sunday, 7 January 2018, 11:30 Last update: about 2 years ago

Actors taking part in a Christmas show used the PN headquarters in Pieta to practise their lines bashing Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia in his political home, The Malta Independent on Sunday has learnt.

The drama group, known as Comedy Knights, used the PN premises free of charge to prepare its performances, which were later staged at the Salesian Theatre in Sliema. The show, now in its fifth year, had Adrian Delia as its main target, with the new PN leader featuring in several scenes.


Permission to hold rehearsals at the PN headquarters was granted by the previous party administration. Footage promotion for the performances was also filmed at the Dar Centrali (as can be seen in video on, with the podium used by Delia during political activities seen in the background several times during the clip.

People who have regularly attended the show say that no other politician has been hit so viciously by the drama group as Delia has been this year.

This was also highlighted in the blog written by The Malta Independent online editor Stephen Calleja this week, which prompted sources to come forward with information that the actors practised their show, including the parts aimed at ridiculing Delia, at PN headquarters.

It goes to prove, the sources said, that the Nationalist Party is tolerant towards free speech, allowing actors to practise their bashing of the party’s own leader in his own home. The sources said that, since the show started in late December, the PN has been inundated by complaints from angry Nationalists who frequent the party headquarters regularly and who argued that the HQ should not have been allowed to be used by people who are causing harm to the party.

It is clear, the sources said, that the Comedy Knights group have an agenda against Adrian Delia, and had the cheek to prepare their attack on the PN leader at the PN headquarters. The show was clearly lopsided against him, the sources said.

Previous performances by the Comedy Knights, geared mostly for the Sliema community, have always had the Labour Party as its objective. People who attend the annual show regularly said that when he was party leader, Simon Busuttil was barely mentioned in the satire and, when he did get some flak, the producers chose a very gentle approach.

This changed completely this year, with Delia being the focal point and no punches were spared in his regard.

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