The Malta Independent 22 January 2019, Tuesday

VGH was 'structurally built to fail in order to make money' – Adrian Delia

Julian Bonnici Sunday, 21 January 2018, 12:26 Last update: about 2 years ago

PN Leader Adrian Delia claimed this morning that Vitals Global Healthcare (VGH) was “structurally designed for failure” in order to turn a profit.

Speaking at a political activity in St Paul’s Bay, Delia criticised the government for providing VGH with the concession to manage three state hospitals (Karin Grech, St Luke’s, and the Gozo General Hospital) when it had zero experience in the healthcare industry.


VGH recently announced its intention to sell its 30-year concession to Steward Health System only 21 months of starting operations; and Delia lambasted the government concerning reports which claim that the company can extend its concession to 99 years.

Turning to Health Minister Chris Fearne, Delia said that the minister had failed to respond to serious questions he raised during the parliamentary debate.

He also criticised Fearne’s statement that the government would provide the details of the agreement once the deal is concluded, and questioned whether the public would be made privy to the agreement between VGH and the government, or VGH and Steward.

AUM was also the focus of Delia’s speech today, with the PN leader lambasting the project and the government for bringing in investment in education from a company with no experience in the field.

He also said there was an “educational crisis” in the country following educators’ dissatisfaction with the collective agreement that was signed between MUT and the government towards the end of last year.

“The government said this was the best deal teachers ever had, but it is not true. Educators are speaking up; they are frustrated and cannot accept how they are being treated,” he said.

These cases, Delia explained, are symptomatic of a government who seeks the benefit the few and not the greater community.

Earlier in the meeting, PN MP Mario de Marco spoke at length about the opening of V18, and while he praised the ceremony, he insisted that this was all the result of the hard work by the PN for Malta to join the EU.

“Joining the EU did not bring millions but billions of investment into our country.”

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