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Updated: Adrian Delia gives government 10-day ultimatum over Identity Malta concerns

Wednesday, 14 March 2018, 17:41 Last update: about 9 months ago

PN Leader Adrian Delia has given the government a ten-day deadline to sort out the situation within Identity Malta and the Electoral Commission over issues with the electoral registry and cash-for-passport buyers.

Speaking in Parliament, he warned that the PN would pursue further legal action if nothing changes. 

On 8 March, the PN filed a judicial protest against Identity Malta and the Electoral Commission over incomplete electoral registers being passed on to the opposition. Speaking at the time, General Secretary Clyde Puli also gave a 10-day warning.


 Last year, the PN slammed the electoral commission for placing cash-for-passport buyers on the electoral registry, meaning giving them a right to vote, not in accordance with the law due to residency requirements.

Delia, who was speaking during the second reading over proposed amendments to the electoral process and in the inclusion of electronic counting, said that the country needs to ensure that institutions do not continue operating without control or responsibility. 

He raised the issue that for 18 months Identity Malta has failed to pass on the complete registry and is selectively omitting names, not in accordance with the law.

He also stressed that this not only relates to passport buyers but it could be that people becoming citizens through naturalisation are also being left out of the list.

PL reply

Reacting, the Labour Party said it would have been better had Delia given himself a 10-day ultimatum to settle his tax arrears.

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