The Malta Independent 18 January 2019, Friday

PA Board turns down outline development application for fuel station in Zebbug

Kevin Schembri Orland Thursday, 17 May 2018, 12:28 Last update: about 9 months ago

An Outline Development Application for a fuel station in Zebbug has been refused by the PA Board,

The application was recommended to be refused by the case officer as “the proposed fuel station cannot be recommended in view that the proposal is located less than 500 metres from an existing service station which is located in the same direction of traffic. The site access is also objectionable.”


The application was for outline development permission for the construction of a fuel station and ancillary facilities including: car washing facility and drying areas, filling points, store, a Shop, an office, an LPG Tank and parking spaces

Front Harsien ODZ, Din L-Art Helwa and Nature Trust Malta objected to the proposal.

The Environment and Resources Authority had ERA said that this area should be left free from development. “The proposed construction of a new fuel station is considered unjustified, noting that the site is ODZ and especially noting that circa 400 meters away similar facilities already exist.”

The applicant tried to present slightly different plans, however the Chairman, Vince Cassar, said this was not allowed in this stage and that the presentation had to be given on the plans already submitted. The applicant argued that all he changed was the access for safety reasons, and placed it on a side road rather than on a main road.

Executive Chairman Johann Buttigieg said that the law does not allow the resubmitting of plans affecting the access location for vehicles after the case officer’s report is drawn up.

The applicant noted that the site is committed, and that the site will be screened. He said that the applicant owns a business on the same area of containment that has around 80 vehicles, which would use the station. He said that all there is are four pumps and ne fr large trucks. He also argued that the station is more than 500m away.

The Planning Directorate noted that the distance is taken from the two closest points, not from the entrances or exits, as the applicant was measuring.

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