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Three men charged with failed bomb attack granted bail

Thursday, 9 August 2018, 11:05 Last update: about 8 months ago

The three men suspected of being behind the failed car bomb attack in Fgura last January have been granted bail.

Lorenzo Callus, known as 'Ħeswes', Paul Farrugia, known as 'Kwattru', and Jonathan Farrugia, known as 'Ġanni ta’ Nina' - who stand accused of the attempted murder of Mario Scicluna and his partner Elaine Galdes, using a car bomb that was planted under Scicluna's car - were released from arrest against a personal guarantee of €70,000 and a €30,000 deposit.


They were ordered to sign the bail book at the police station every day, between 6am and 9pm.

In March, a senior homicide inspector had explained to the court how the homemade bomb, which had failed to explode, was triggered prematurely by a low battery warning.

Inspector Keith Arnaud had explained how the police received a report of an explosion underneath a vehicle on 4 January. The area around the car had then been cordoned off, Explosive Ordnance Disposal teams made the device, which had malfunctioned and not exploded as intended, safe. The operation to remove the unexploded bomb took till late at night, he had said.

Attached to the bomb was a Nokia mobile phone, the SIM card of which led investigators to the three suspects.

Lawyers Franco Debono and Arthur Azzopardi are appearing for Jonathan Farrugia and for Callus, lawyer Roberto Montalto for Paul Farrugia.

Lawyer Mario Mifsud appeared on behalf of the parte civile, Scicluna and Galdes.

The case continues.


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