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The Yacht Charter Malta Evolution: OceanLine Leading the Way

Monday, 13 August 2018, 11:53 Last update: about 9 months ago

Summer in Malta calls for sun, sea and cold cocktails… All of which go perfectly while lounging on one of the many yachts cruising around Maltese waters. If you’re lucky enough to experience such an excursion, then you may want to keep an eye out for OceanLine, Malta’s most reputable international yacht broker and local charter company.

Now entering its third year of operations, OceanLine has flourished since the beginning, as they provide the largest selection as a yacht charter company(with an impressive list of clientele), but that is far from all; OceanLine has been helping many boat enthusiasts to make an income from their yachts when not in use, a great way of covering the high ownership costs.


While OceanLine serves yacht brokerage clients internationally, their emerging charter division of the business has, so far, taken place solely in Malta, bringing the participating boat owners of the island some impressive returns. Benefitting all parties involved, the customer has a lengthy 30 yachts to base their selection on, ranging from 25 feet, to a staggering 120 feet, majority being motor boats. All of the aforementioned yachts are locally owned and in high demand, further proving OceanLine’s rental concept to have great continued success.

What kind of charter clientele has OceanLine seen, thus far? While there are certainly many Maltese locals who love to charter boats, there’s also plenty of expats and holiday makers following suit, considering the large foreign population on this little, lovely island. In terms of those renting the yachts, locals aside, OceanLine is attracting a celebrity following, too. Just this past June, OceanLine welcomed professional hockey players to charter and enjoy the Sunseeker Predator 62, an impressive machine. Amongst other noteworthy names, singer and songwriter Tiny Tempeh made an appearance last season, accommodating his entourage on the Sunseeker Manhattan 50, another stunning charter choice.

The ideal route for a proper Malta yacht excursion? You’ll find the private chartered yachts escaping the bustle of the well know Blue Lagoon, heading upwards to Comino and Gozo, where Comino’s Crystal Lagoon is the ideal spot for relaxation. Hop off at Gozo’s Mgarr Marina for a sea-inspired lunch, a perfect opportunity to wine and dine while the yacht and crew freshens up. Finish (or start) the excursion just in time for the sunset, a sight most certainly best seen on the pristine waters of the Mediterranean.

The choice is yours. Yacht owners (30 feet and upwards) located in Malta should take note of this lucrative opportunity with OceanLine; when not in use, chartering their boat can significantly reduce (or eliminate) the costs incurred with yacht ownership, making it an ideal option for all parties involved, in most cases. Sound like a breeze? Go ahead and get in touch with the charter division at OceanLine today (All boats must have commercial status and insurance with Transport Malta).

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