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FES clarifies issues regarding delay in pay with Skola Sajf workers

Wednesday, 15 August 2018, 10:30 Last update: about 11 months ago

The Foundation for Educational Services (FES) has held meetings clarifying the complaints regarding a delay in pay from employees of Skola Sajf, The Malta Independent has been informed.

Last week, Union of Professional Educators - Voice of the Workers issued a statement regarding a number of complaints it received from its members which suggested that the operators of Skola Sajf, being FES, are intending to issue salaries late in September and October. 


Quoting emails, it said that FES officials notified employees of an inconvenient delay, with the initial payment for those commencing Skola Sajf on the 12 July projected for 7 September.

Saying that such procrastination in authorising dues may constitute a breach of Chapter 452 Employment and Industrial Relations Act, UoPE called on FES to adhere to the stipulations of the Industrial Relations Act to contain any inconvenience caused to the employees concerned. 

FES clarified that this year’s delays were simply due to the dates salaries were being issued. 

“Last year three salary pay-dates were issued, whilst due to the way pay dates are issued this year only two will be transacted for our part-time workers,” a spokesperson said. 

“FES has held meetings with a very small number of employees who had questions about this and the overall feedback we received, in turn, was that they understood the issue. Despite this, FES commits to review such procedures so that salary dates are better suited to its part-time and seasonal workforce in the coming year and further,” the spokesperson continued.



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