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‘Monstrous’ Paceville structure has Planning Authority approval

Tuesday, 21 August 2018, 15:54 Last update: about 9 months ago

A large structure built to accommodate tables and chairs outside a catering establishment in Paceville Road which is taking up public land has approval by the Planning Authority.

The structure raised ire among residents of the area who lamented on how the structure was a “monstrosity” and noted how it took up two more parking spaces in an area where parking is already difficult to come by.


A development application for “to place removable timber platform and proposed lightweight canopy plus placement of tables and chairs on public land” was submitted to the Planning Authority on 16 June 2017 by the owners of the restaurant in question.  It was then approved by the board in October of the same year.

The Case Officer’s report for the application, which recommended the approval of the application, shows that only the Malta Tourism Authority raised concerns about the development, taking into consideration the congestion that the area experiences.  Transport Malta on their part had no objection to the development, which takes up two more parking spaces, whilst the Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability and the Superintendence for Cultural Heritage had no objection as long as the development stuck to the conditions as per Accessibility Audit Report and the policy, guidance and standards for outdoor catering area in public open space respectively.

As a result, the case officer recommended that the development be approved on certain conditions such as that there would be no advertising on the structure and that around €8300 be paid to make up for the reduced parking spaces amongst other measures.

On his part meanwhile, the mayor of St Julian’s Guido Dalli called the structure a “monstrosity” and an “eyesore” before saying that the local council had never given any approval to a development like this.  PN MP Karl Gouder, who previously served as the mayor of St. Julian’s as well, was one of many who also condemned the development.


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