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Car and motorbike exhaust noise

Sunday, 26 August 2018, 07:09 Last update: about 11 months ago

John Fenech of the Noise Abatement Society of Malta) is another voice in the wilderness, as far as Maltese authorities are concerned (TMIS, 19 August). 

So-called "straight-through" silencers on vehicles have been illegal in Britain and on the Continent for around 50 years (they are used only on racing tracks), while in Malta these illegal accessories are openly on sale at silencer replacement centres for use on our roads. 

Straight-through silencers have no internal noise-dampening baffles so, for practical purposes, when you fit one, you're driving around without a silencer. According to Maltese by-laws, driving without a (or broken) silencer is a bookable traffic offence, but straight-through silencers are still legal here.


Such a contradiction is typical of the Maltese scene, often centred on egoism and selfishness - if I'm enjoying myself with the noise I'm making, who cares?


Albert Cilia-Vincenti


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