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The best of times

Sunday, 26 August 2018, 07:09 Last update: about 11 months ago

Most of us by now have learnt that politicians should never be trusted. During general election campaigns, they promise the earth and once elected the promises vanish. Anyone remembers, during the last general elections, the emphasis on meritocracy? We hardly knew that by meritocracy they meant awarding important posts and business tenders to their significant political supporters. When one votes, one simply chooses businessmen and contractors supporting a political party.


Most often than not politicians do exactly the opposite to what they promise. Anyone remembers Mintoff repeatedly shouting to the masses harsh words against the British colonialists, "dawk il-barranin" who invaded the island. And what about the chant 'Malta l'ewwel u qabel kollox', that Labour followers still echo.

After so much rhetoric against the British, Mintoff still preferred to marry a British woman and not a beloved local. And for all his love of the Maltese language his daughters where brought up English speaking. In addition, after pontificating to the simple crowds on austerity Mintoff went for his breaks on the luxury boats of his close entourage of wealthy businessmen. And once again no one ever noticed because the plebeians playing the socialists then were not so different from the present populists - fanatics, unable to reason and think independently. The fake is delivered as truth because many are unable to distinguish between a lie and the truth.

After our liberation from the 'foreign invaders' we expected respect and freedom. What followed then was abuse of power and a mock democracy.

We shall never forget the humiliating experiences of arriving at our airport. More often than not, we were treated like criminals by the bullying officers as they confiscated anything they fancied. Buying toothpaste or chocolate from abroad became a crime. Buying a TV set was considered a huge privilege. Power was in the hands of a few corrupt and their close entourage. Pure mockery, not to mention the countless intimidations, abusive expropriation of property, the burning down of the offices of the Times of Malta. The list is infinite.

The Maltese community witnessed a harsh division we are now seeing once again.

Mintoff's era too was considered the 'best of times' while we were ridiculed by foreign press regarding our close relations with Gaddafi, Communist China, Russia and North Korea. History is repeating itself as we are again being vilified by the international press, though this time the consequences are far more serious.

Once again, we hear that 'These are the best of times' by Joseph Muscat and his team. Yet one must define the statement according to the PL's dictionary, same as for meritocracy.

These are the best of times for political bullying that creates suppression and installs fear in anyone who criticises the government or those in power. Many might recall Mintoff barking to his audience to incite aggression against anyone opposing him or his party. The thugs 'carcading' in their trucks singing vulgarly and insulting people in the streets were protected bullies. We saw them out again celebrating the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. We are witnessing the aggressive insults delivered by political Labour supporters on many social platforms.

These are the best of times to suppress journalists after one of the most outstanding journalists of our times was brutally murdered. Yet her voice kept echoing across the globe announcing to the world the corruption that is taking place in Malta. We have witnessed how anyone who does not support the Labour Party's views is considered an enemy, a traitor, an outsider and blamed for damaging the image of the island.

These are the best of times to entertain close friends loyal to the party, offering them important posts with outrageous salaries and perks. Inexperienced or unqualified people now enjoy privileges they never dreamt of having in their lives. Many others, faithful to the party, enjoy direct orders that run into hundreds of thousands or millions of euros. This is their compensation for their support.

These are the best of times for corruption and crime: culprits are protected and do as they please because they know that the system they support protects them.

These are the best of times for the Planning Authority to change the building regulations to accommodate building contractors to savagely bulldoze Malta and rebuild a concrete jungle. Heritage is considered an obstacle, a nuisance. Moreover, while so much damage is taking place and many are distracted making money, multi million contracts are secretly signed by a minister, the prime minister and his chief of staff. No one is allowed to ask questions about such contracts because it is not in our interest.

These are the best of times to invite masses of foreigners from everywhere, Serbia, Bulgaria to operate here legally or illegally. No one is bothered that this is seriously affecting the balance of our work force. No one is concerned about the consequences once the building boom subsides.   

These are the best of times to eradicate the trees or any vegetation on the island to avoid obstacles for the building contractors. It proves that we are being administered by soulless operators. If one is indifferent to trees and birds, one is indifferent to human life.

These are the best of times for hunters to satisfy and fulfil their primitive instincts since the politicians are ready to gratify them in exchange for their votes. The arrogance and bullying tactics are not so different from those of their fellow politicians who support them.

After decades of hard work to regain our identity, credibility and economic stability, we are now witnessing harsh criticism from the international press. We have lost our credibility and trust. Malta is being sold or given away to foreigners. Mintoff must be rocking in his grave. We sell Maltese passports, we give away land to foreign investors, we demolish and wipe away huge tracts of agricultural land without any hesitation. We give away our hospitals. We bring thousands of foreigners to work in Malta. Malta is rapidly losing its identity and it feels like it is shrinking before our eyes. We are also witnessing the increase of crimes. Aggression is on the increase. The transformation is devastating when one considers the congested roads and dense built up areas. We are becoming slaves of a rotten system.

The lives of thousands of residents across the entire island have become miserable. The dust, the noise, the abuse has plagued everyone's lives. Many who are unable to pay the increased rental fees have to accept inferior dwellings to cope. Maltese communities and foreign workers are merging into one community. We no longer speak Maltese in restaurants, shops, hospitals or on building sites. Malta is gradually being occupied by foreigners; we have become strangers in our own home. We are becoming the foreigners in our own land. This administration shall be remembered for eradicating the soul and identity of this tiny island. Many agree and lament that this is the worst time in the history of Malta.

The PL's formula consists of serious deceptive measures: 'Let them do as they please so we can do as we please.' Let us create an atmosphere of laissez faire. Stop the wardens and police from monitoring the streets so that people feel free and comfortable. Allow and encourage people to build as they please and wherever is convenient for them. In summer, allow people to occupy entire beaches with their caravans and camps so they can be entertained. Ignore any control regarding taxes so that people may become richer. Make sure to use the taxpayers' money to contribute generously to party supporters.

Anyone exposing this reckless formula should be considered a traitor and must be persecuted. Make sure to shut the mouths of journalists because they are the enemy of the people.

Joseph Muscat should consider sparing a patch of land for a monument to the trio to commemorate 'The best of times' for himself, Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri. 


Paul Camilleri




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