The Malta Independent 21 April 2019, Sunday

Dear Parliamentary Secretary Responsible for Animal Rights Clint Camilleri

Sunday, 9 September 2018, 08:58 Last update: about 9 months ago

I wrote to you on messenger several times, I realise you might not be on messenger all the time, however the only time you replied was when you felt I was being 'rude' and asked me to brush up my language and then you would reply to my questions.

Needless to say, after adjusting my tone, your replies, much like your work in favour of animal rights, were nowhere to be found. I know that you're high on media attention, so I have decided to finally give you some.


During the past month we have seen a horse die of a heat stroke while on 'duty' to fatten some guy's pockets, we have seen several storks being shot down because we cannot enjoy flying birds, as you know very well from being a hunter yourself (hooray for animal rights), we have seen a cat murdered near a restaurant for committing the crime of being hungry, a dog run over by a car and left on the side of the road to die, cats being poisoned, a couple of dogs washed up on a beach after drowning, kittens contained in plastic bags and found in a bin, dogs still chained even after promises by your predecessor Roderick Galdes to pass a law prohibiting this cruel practice...and not a single sound from your administration with regards to putting pressure on your government to have stricter laws against animal abuse. 

Mr Camilleri, what measures are you taking towards this aim? Would it be too much to ask to have someone I pay from my taxes to actually do the work he is assigned to do? Would it be too much to ask to get a reply from someone who will undoubtedly be knocking on people's doors come election time? Tick-tock Mr Camilleri, partisan people will remain loyal, but floaters will not tolerate incompetence and you will undoubtedly learn this lesson in a few years' time.

Yours not-so-faithfully,

Clint Cassar

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