The Malta Independent 16 June 2019, Sunday

Alfred Sant says European elections must ensure best levels of social protection

Friday, 14 December 2018, 07:43 Last update: about 7 months ago

Former Prime Minister and Maltese MEP Alfred Sant said the May European Elections must ensure the best levels of social protection in terms of quality of life and wellbeing across Europe. The  implementation of social policies across Europe should remain in large part a matter for national authorities to determine the when and the how, in response to changing economic and social requirements within their communities.


Sant, speaking at a social activity in Rabat organised by Dominic Grech, IDEAT Chairman and prospective candidate for the Siggiewi Local Council,  said decisions in the eurozone placed the social burdens of economic strategies on workers and the least well off, thereby flagrantly contradicting what used to be considered as the European social model.

“National governments across the EU must strengthen  labour laws and social security, education and pensions. The reality is that the principles guiding economic management in the EU are, as a matter of policy, constrained by neo-liberal perspectives. Great disparities persist between the North and South of Europe.”

The Maltese MEP said Europe must ensure that its  commitment to a European pillar of social rights is long-lastingCompared to the rest of the world, Europe has the best levels of social protection and ranks highly in terms of quality of life and wellbeing. However, it faces a wide range of challenges: The effects of the economic crisis are still deeply felt in many member states and, even though things have already improved in many countries, great disparities remain within the EU. Unemployment rates are decreasing overall but vary strongly among EU countries.

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