The Malta Independent 16 June 2019, Sunday

'Overwhelming' vote for Marlene Mizzi’s Brexit linked legislative report

Friday, 14 December 2018, 10:20 Last update: about 7 months ago

The Marlene Mizzi Report: “Regulation on complementing EU type-approval legislation concerning the UK withdrawal from the Union” was voted in the Strasbourg plenary with an overwhelming majority - 640 in favour to 11 against - a rare outcome in the European Parliament. This is the first legislative BRexit -linked report thatwas approved by Parliament, led and negotiated by a Maltese MEP. 

This legislation created a mechanism that minimises the impact that the UK withdrawal from the Union might have on the automotive industry and gives an element of continuance in the trade of cars, their components and vehicles in general. This also means that jobs in such an important industry have been safeguarded, consumers have been protected, and road safety and market surveillance have been addressed in a legal framework. 


“I am proud to have led the negotiations on behalf of Parliament and to have been able to finalise the first BRexit related report. Even though, Brexit still harbours uncertainty, and raises questions to which all citizens want an answer, we as a Union must be prepared for any eventuality to ensure the least disruption of our industries, reduce the risk of job losses and  ensure that  consumers are protected in what concerns a very important product - cars and components,“ said MEP Mizzi.

MEP Mizzi said: "While being cautious in our approach, we negotiated what would give the best possible outcome for both the EU and the UK. Thus, we have found a balanced approach - still maintaining our position on: liability of both manufacturers and type-approval authorities, giving manufactures enough time to apply for new type-approval certificates that guarantee that standards of the Union are met and lastly on having an element of preparedness. The latter, will also be an element that shall be mirrored in other BRexit preparedness legislation.”

The Mizzi report managed to get the approval of all the political groups from all the member states, rendering it one of the strongest supported legislative reports thathave been voted upon. The report will now be incorporated in the Brexit legislation being agreed upon between the UK and the EU. 

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