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PM has to choose between his interest in power and the interest of the country - Delia

Giulia Magri Sunday, 16 December 2018, 13:06 Last update: about 7 months ago

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia said Sunday that the Government needs to focus on what the country truly needs, questioning whether Prime Minister Joseph Muscat was ready to bring the national interest before his own interests.

Speaking on Net FM, Delia referred to the report by the Council of Europe’s Venice Commission, which said that the PM’s power overshadows other government bodies, including that of the President, Parliament the Judiciary and the Ombudsman.


He said that the President’s role should be strengthened and that it is time to start choosing a President who will bring unity and strength to the country, regardless of what political party the candidate comes from. He said that everyone in society deserves a candidate who is ready to strengthen the country and that they do not need to come only from the Socialist Party.

Delia said that currently there is an unfair system that judicial vacancies are not publicly announced, therefore many lawyers who are qualified and potential applicants have no chance.  He said that this also includes positions of Chief Justice; and that many good applicants are cast aside because they are not part of the political party. He also said that the Government is protecting the “untouchables,” such as Konrad Mizzi. He said that especially during a time when everything is against him, instead of confronting Mizzi, Muscat praises him, highlighting exactly what is wrong within the Government.

When asked about the situation regarding Neville Gafa, Delia said that whenever someone journalists, politicians or members of civil society speak up, they must be protected. He said that these people not only have a legal right to protection but that the Maltese need to listen to those few who do speak up and to follow in their footsteps.

When discussing Brexit, Delia said that the Maltese and Gozitans deserve to know what will happen to their businesses in any scenario. He said that it is the Government’s duty to provide necessary information on what will happen in case Brexit goes through but also in the case of a no-deal scenario, and what will happen to those economic and commercial agreements certain sectors and businesses have with the United Kingdom.

He said that the Government must be prepared for the certain consequences which will come with the deal.


PL reaction

Reacting, the Labour Party asked whether Delia would be backing the constitutional reform, especially when it came to laws that were implemented years ago by Nationalist governments.

Instead of playing for the gallery, Delia should declare that he will back proposed changes.

The PL said it would not comment on the rest of Delia’s speech, which was irrelevant. Delia has no credibility, the party said.



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