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Updated: 'Those who are not behind the leader have no place in the party' - Delia

Kevin Schembri Orland Monday, 7 January 2019, 10:57 Last update: about 7 months ago

PN Leader Adrian Delia has said that there needs to be one party with one head, "It is better for those who have a problem with one leader to come out and speak so that we can see. Those who are not behind the Leader do not have a place in the party."

The embattled PN Leader is facing allegations of domestic violence, leading to arguments that his position as leader is no longer tenable. It was recently reported that the PN's executive council will discuss the allegations being made against Delia.


To make matters worse, he sent a Whatsapp message early Monday morning, focussed on war to PN administrative council members. This message was interpreted by some as being a threat to members of the party's General Council.

The Whatsapp message by Delia, to the Administrative Council, reads as follows: "Today, Christmas time has ended. For most a time of peace and caring. It was alas for us a time of battle."

"In war there are mercenaries who wage it merely for monetary gain. Most are so. Few, indeed very few, heroes for love of God and country. Sometimes they turn the battle and at times of rare they win the war. Eternally history lauds them. But sadly most are lost not by lack of them but by traitors who cross the line and sell their souls , an instance distraught which can a nations destiny forebear."

"We are at war, no doubts remain. Most will fight and lose or win. Some will perish. Warriors few, they live to fight and win to die and hence shall live forever."

"The time has come, the time is now. For love of God and country in here only warriors true belong."

In comments to Newsbook Monday evening, Delia said that the idea behind the message is "that it is evident that there are people who, seeing the PN and its Leader advancing forward in the ratings and the surveys, do everything they can to attack and weaken me and my party." He said he wanted to instil courage with the people close to and important for the party, to prepare themselves as such attacks will continue.

"We must remain united and recognise who is with us and who isn't. We must recognise that we have challenges that we must overcome together, as that is the only way we can win this fight we have as a party, so that eventually when we come to the election, we will be, in the best way possible, united together to offer an alternative."

He said he has sent many messages to encourage and unite the party, on Facebook, in PN party clubs etc to unite the party, and that the positive responses he received were overwhelming.

"We are in January, and five months away from two important electoral appointments. When I talk about war I am talking about ideas and the battle the PN must undertake to again regain electoral support.

Referring to certain Whatsapp videos regarding his personal situation making the rounds, he questioned how the Whatsapp messages are doing good for the party or the country.

"Let us talk about the real problems in the country, the real threat to democracy, the real problems of the poor and vulnerable, about those without a roof over their heads...."

The party has to focus on getting the best result in the May election, he said.

Delia said that there needs to be one party with one head, when asked whether he truly believes that the party is functioning with the party being united behind one head. "It is better for those who have a problem with one leader to come out and speak so that we can see. Those who are not behind the Leader do not have a place in the party."

He said, when asked, that he does not believe that he is the problem, and nor do the majority of the PN paid members. If someone has a problem they can speak freely. We are not a party of dictators or of secrets. We have freedom and democracy and everyone can say what they want but we have a party, a statute, a leader, and everyone goes behind him."

A source within the PN highlighted how some PN Administrative Council members had seen Delia's Whatsapp message as a threat. A second source within the PN also highlighted that some Council members believe Delia’s position is untenable. In addition, this source also mentioned that some people within the party who backed Delia before the recent allegations are having certain misgivings about him now.

The PN’s Administrative Council had previously backed Delia throughout his term as leader. In July 2018, the Council had expressed its full support to party leader Adrian Delia and called upon former leader Simon Busuttil to step down. The council had been summoned urgently that day in the wake of the publication of the conclusions of the inquiry about the Prime Minister and his wife, which exonerated them from being the owners of a secret company in Panama.

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