The Malta Independent 26 June 2019, Wednesday

Migration saga: Renzi praises Muscat saying he is a leader unlike Salvini

Thursday, 10 January 2019, 18:44 Last update: about 7 months ago

Former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi publicly honoured Maltese Prime Minister and personal friend Joseph Muscat for his handling of the migration crisis. 

In a tweet full of jibes and direct attacks on his political adversaries, Renzi said that the man who concluded on the migration issues of this week was Muscat and not any of the Italian leaders.

He said that the man who solved the saga of the migrants "was a prime minister, but it wasn's Italian PM Giuseppe Conte; supports Milan, but it wasn't Salvini; speaks Italian, and so it wasn't Di Maio. It was Joseph Muscat."


It is no wonder that Italian Minister Matteo Salvini attacked Muscat since the latter showed leadership skills, unlike him (Salvini).

Salvini is a supporter of Italian club Milan, like Muscat, and has recently also been involved in a public dispute with their manager Gennaro Gattuso.

Renzi is known for being close to Muscat and in fact in the last general election campaign he had addressed the crowd during of the PL mass meetings at the Granaries.

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